To Cook With Love: Breakfast Muffins

I’m not sure when I started enjoying cooking and baking as much as I do now. I’ve been on a binging kick of buying cookbooks and making as many recipes as I think our family can handle. Lately, the True Roots cookbook by Kristin Cavallari has been a huge hit. I literally love almost all of her recipes and they really are quite simple. When I’m not trying out others recipes, I do my best to remember what my daughters love or have cravings for….and lets face it-they’re pros at just telling me what they want.


This morning I did a healthier “McMuffin Sandwich” both of my daughters prefer their eggs different ways, I love that the English muffin and egg is filling, avocado- they get great fats, and provides them some nutrition to start the day. Biggest bonuses–it’s not fast food, I know all the ingredients are real and nothing else is added. AND, I can make six of them for the price of one at some restaurant or some fast foods chains.

The recipe is super easy:

English Muffin–Toasted

Eggs to your liking (we do scrambled and over easy)

Cheese to your liking (the girls love American or Cheddar but Pepper Jack is a nice touch.

Half avacado-sliced and smashed—if you prefer

I like to typically pair the Muffin with some fruit on the side.

Get crazy–try out something else you think might sound yummy!!

My oldest daughter, notices all the details (which is ironic because she can never find what I send her to search for haha).  But the little extras? Holiday decorations, little notes in lunch boxes, and today strawberries shaped into a flower. These small treats or extras are ways of showing my love, to make it something they’ll treasure (here’s hoping anyway) and something I believe they look forward to eating and can taste differently.

I think I’ve always had a knack for coming up with my own recipes and twists…I can experiment playing with flavors quite well. We sometimes watch the British Baking Show- (another huge hit) the group of amazing bakers are building personal bread statues!! BREAD! STATUES! I watch in awe, mouth filling with drool, wishing I could take a nibble of everything the judges are lucky enough to try. Both my girls have such faith in me, they typically will look at me and say, “YOU can do that momma!” “Tomorrow…try it!”

And you know, with the New Year throwing out resolutions and what not…just kidding…..nope, I definitely won’t be trying to make bread statues. However, I’m excited to try new techniques and flavors that I’ve picked up watching the show. I’m sure I’ll be posting some of my recent favorites from the cookbooks!

Happy baking/cooking and Happy New Year to everyone



Back Again

It’s the strangest thing, no matter what happens in my life or where things go I constantly find myself going back to writing. Poems, songs, here on wordpress….nobody says it’s good, I just come back to the love of it. Which then leads my mind to wonder why we ever stop doing the things we love and enjoy or things that WORK for us?

The workout that we lost inches, built muscle or lost weight from…eventually stop and search for another-even though that one works perfectly fine. The top 20 recipes the family loves you to make and then suddenly its as if you’ve never cooked and wouldn’t know what to fix if you had to. It’s odd. Life is flat odd.

Have you stopped doing something you love? Do you even remember what it was? (If you’re like me, you probably are struggling now to remember.)

So, here’s to saying more writing. No promises. Per usual it will be filled with random tangents, recipes…probably more of those than anything, rants about child raising and perhaps some real sharing of my own life.  Let’s just keep fingers crossed that I’ll remember how much I love to write and maybe I’ll make it a full year!  ❤


WOW! Oils have always been an essential in our home but it sure does feel like it comes in seasons. Times where I feel like we will always use them vs. not so often. Lately, I’m constantly diffusing for a nice aroma and allergies, rubbing lavender on bites, and putting them in my baths to soak the sore muscles away!

I’ve mentioned Plant Therapy, but I CANNOT get over how effective they are with our family. I love Plant Therapy’s missions statement. Their BIGGEST mission is to make oils accessible to families and they give back to charity.

With all the bugs, summertime Nature Shield is something I’m keeping handy. Not to mention the aroma of it. I thought ya’ll might like this coupon/code! Check out their site! Cannot say enough about their quality, customer service and overall quality!

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Let me know your thoughts! What are your favorite oils?

Enjoy! 💕

Growing Pains

I’ve wrote about the struggle of growth. How to face change with bravery and push through even the discomfort. It’s never been said it was easy. A conversation my husband and I had with our daughters,  that very seldom is the better option or the option to stand out from the rest, the easy option. The hard one is difficult for a reason but in the end will allow such growth.

This guy is my story of my biggest growing pain. For so long I had imagined a tall, dark haired guy with light eyes-even to the point of knowing his name “Jake”(just Jake). I always imagined he would be an officer of some sort…someone who helped others constantly.

It took me forever to meet him. Would I have eventually? Perhaps…probably. It turns out I didn’t meet him until after a divorce and after two daughters of my own. After I was stuck believing I wouldn’t meet anyone ever that I would consider a life with again. After heartache of loss from before. After being “stuck in my ways”,  be it independence-or my own ornery self. It was after. It was a struggle.

He came in and though his name fit, the career and looks….he wasn’t quite what I thought—because you see? He had lived his own crazy journey. So here I was, shocked this was my guy. It was painful. Painful to let go of my ideas, my ways of doing everything, the independence I had grown from being single. The fact I was bringing someone into my daughters life, who I SWORE would only be there if he loved them just as much as he did myself. And guess what? He did!

I believe everything happens for a reason because at one point when I was trying to run as fast as I could away from this man. I felt like I had been plucked up and sat right back in front of him (I tried this a few times). I have no problem with saying goodbye and no longer speaking to people…but apparently he was difficult to run away from.

He pushes me. As much as he drives me crazy–he pushes me to be better. He has every reason not to love anything or anyone and he loves with his whole heart. But the point of it all? It made me uncomfortable! Every now and then when I remember it’s not just my girls and I-I’m uncomfortable! But if I had ran away and let it all go? I would’ve missed out on such an amazing man, my Jake….my opportunity to grow in every way imaginable because of the love and what he provides me. Much to my dismay….he grew…and grew–even with the discomfort. So STOP being afraid of discomfort. STOP running if you’re uncomfortable (Unless it’s a total crap move – just sayin’).

If it fits…let it take you and let yourself grow.

Meet Jake…just Jake 💕

Childhood Favorites

It’s funny, right? A song you’ll hear that will take you to your memories. A smell that comforts you. Food that makes you feel loved and little again.

What are some of your favorite trigger memories?

For me it’s typically the oddest things that will make me feel so comforted. Birds chirping…smell of a mopped floor….and this recipe.

When we had fresh tomatoes my mom would cut it up and lay it on toast with peanut butter (before we were all allergic to it). Sprinkle some salt on that and WOW.

Recently I’ve made that….shared it with my own daughters. Its these moments when I am able to hold the comfort of my own memories and provide those for my daughters that I’m filled with joy.

**I use the Sarah Lee 45 bread, almond butter, himalayan salt and a home grown tomato.

I wish this tomato came from myself but we all went to the farmers market where I loaded up on natural goodness.

I know it seems like quite the combo, but it’s delicious! Give it a shot 😉

–I also totally love toast with almond butter and olives (YEP) black or green! It was an old pregnancy craving that’s stayed with me!

Enjoy 💕 let me know what you think!!!

Comfort is the enemy

Fear and comfort….what a duo. The two are trying to take over constantly in this world. What a waste of life spending our time dwelling on these two things. Living in fear over things that don’t happen, the possibility that they might, or your own fear of not being good enough, ready, blah blah get in the way.

The comfort….the short comfort food or drinks provide. The comfort of not wanting to BE UNCOMFORTABLE. The comfort of doing the exact same thing daily. Talking to the same people knowing they don’t do you a bit of good. The comfort of not wanting to push any boundaries because it might hurt. Don’t want to try a new workout, it may be uncomfortable, it may push you, it may be hard. What about all things that can hurt you emotionally, physically, mentally or just be a risk because it hits a pain point.

Our life wasn’t meant to be comfortable. We weren’t meant to sip martini’s on the beach everyday. We were meant to learn and grow. Everything that happens is for growth, so that we can become our higher self. The person God intended us to be. But if we’re spending our time zoned out on the TV every free second we get? If you’re going to the bar that gives you a hit only momentarily? If you still have friends that aren’t worth anything and continue to bring you down? GET UNCOMFORTABLE!!! Stop wasting life! Be uncomfortable and make uncomfortable changes. Take the lessons and learn from it all. Otherwise, you’re just that person that came here and what? You didn’t grow, you didn’t develop, you didn’t serve a purpose, you didn’t push to make a difference….you just stayed comfortable.

When it’s all said and done…and there’s no growth…possibly more damage than good….what was your purpose?

Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies

These bad boys mean business. Once upon a time when I was putting in a lot of miles for racing and still nursing a baby…I’d pack these with brewers yeast…ahhh the good ol’ days.

Then these little guys were amazing for my girls to eat. They’re packed with good hearty nutrients. Curbs the sweet-tooth and acts as a perfect, somewhat low carb cookie. I suppose I don’t have any guilt when I eat about four in a row.  It’s definitely been awhile since I’ve had them, but I’m ready to give them a new go round’ and see what I think. I’m needing something to offer a little sweet, packed with that nutrition.


1 1/4 cans chickpeas (garbanzo beans), well rinsed and patted dry with towel

2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup almond better (or peanut butter or sunbutter)

1/4 maple syrup or some prefer honey

pinch Himalayan salt

1/4 cup mini chocolate chips or 1/2 of the regular chips (I prefer the darkest I can or caocao nibs)

1 tsp baking soda


1.Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Combine all the ingredients except for the chocolate chips, in a food processor and blend until very smooth. Make sure to scrape the sides and the top to get the little chunks of chickpeas until fully blended.

2. Put in the chocolate chips and stir if you can, or pulse it once or twice. The mixture will be thick and sticky.

3. With wet hands, form into 1 1/2″ balls. Place onto parchment or wax paper. I like them just straight on the baking sheet. If you want them to look like normal cookies, press down slightly on the balls…they don’t do much rising.

4. Bake for about 10 minutes. The dough balls will be soft when you take them out of the oven. They will not set like normal cookies.

5. Store in an airtight container (for maybe up to a week or they will mold) I suggest the fridge after a few days.

TIPS: Don’t use regular peanut butter, they’ll come out oily!