Life Happens


Today I witnessed encouragement, pride, disappointment, joy, love, and fear. I heard stories of accomplishments, burdens, do-overs, joy, sorrow and relief. In today I felt my own disappointment, joy, love, strength, creativity, relief, and peace.

More than anything I saw, heard, and witnessed life. Life Happens. It happens to everyone, everywhere and I think we forget that. Why wouldn’t we? We have our own thoughts and life to handle. In doing so however, we tend to get lost…we forget that life happens everywhere that everyone has a story. Maybe some are better off and maybe some are worse…but what did you feel? Did it affect how you will live tomorrow? Did it make a difference in today?

So life happens…in all those ways it just happens. There are more poetic ways to describe it and probably better words to give it justice, I’m all for the short version ;). Enjoy your life.

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