It’s YOUR life

Man, I am sooo excited for the New Year then again I’m one of those that believes something magical is bound to happen in that time. And in mine, it will, because I want it to. I get pretty motivated and determined to make my life the best it can be. I believe that we can create if we want and that we have the choice how to handle the things that happen to us. So, my year will be magical–yours?

I’m not saying that we can stop the things that will happen, (car breaking down, getting sick, things like that). We can’t stop the ignorant people who gather around to only make things worse than they already are. We can’t stop the hateful people from continuing to hate even though they may know nothing about us or our situations. But, we can CHANGE how we RESPOND to all of these things.

It’s all on us. We decide, we choose how we will live our life. We can STOP making the decisions that will only take us down what’s bound to be a terrible or harder path, we can CHOOSE who we associate with and how they “make” us feel.

I come from a family that if you “mess” with us too much we’ll basically cut off all connections and never look back. It doesn’t make us heartless or cruel, in fact I’ve determined we’re smarter for it.

This year….I choose my truth, I choose to love my family and soak in all the precious memories of my girls growing and discovering their own truth (which makes for very stubborn girls), I choose to stay friends with the ones that are as loyal to me as I am to them, I choose to make the very BEST DECISIONS that I can with the knowledge I have that day, and I choose to move forward.

What about ya’ll? Who determines your life this year? Regardless of the answers, HAPPY NEW YEAR and may there be laughter, joy, and love in yours.

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