ABC Canvas–Thankful Thursday


Always enjoy my craft time with the girlies. Marin looooves ABC’s and Numbers.
I bought canvas’s of different sizes because let’s face it you can do just about anything with a canvas! I used one of my larger ones for this project that way the letters could be larger.
I let Marin paint the canvas, I let her pick 3 of the 5 colors that I thought would look good in her room. She chose 3 and as always, loved painting! After she painted I drew the ABC’s on the canvas and then traced them with a sharpie to make them pop.
Not only was this a craft my daughter enjoyed, it was easy as pie. She will now bring out her canvas and talk about the ABC’s when she’s in the mood. You can make things like this and it becomes an awesome learning tool.
Paint, paintbrush, sharpie (colors of choice), and canvas.
Most importantly…..HAVE FUN! šŸ™‚

“Always take no…

“Always take note of the ones who have done wrong and cherish the ones who do right”

When I visit my mother’s house I get so sentimental. It could be the quiet that wraps itself around the house and the serenity that follows it. I love the quiet, I love the stillness and I love to be able to just hear myself breathe.

I grew up being taught to appreciate and take in the beauty of the world. The quote above is that as well. Instead of focusing on the people or things that have happened to us in our lives, why not focus on the good and move forward from there?

It takes entirely too much energy to work on despising someone for something they may have done years ago. It takes too much energy even to have bitterness towards something or someone right now. Before you know it, we’ve spent all that time focusing on the “crap” and none on what DOES make our life beautiful and purposeful. Even some of the things that have happened to us in our lives that may not have been the most popular at the moment, those things define and shape the paths we walk on.

I learn this almost everyday…if not I’m shocked. Everyday I learn, that no matter what you have to do what’s best for you, making yourself happy. With experience I’ve learned that you can give someone what they want, and less than 5 minutes later they’ll only take and want more. No thank you. It is up to us as individuals to choose the life we lead. It’s up to us to discover our own happiness.

I love the ones that do right. I cherish them and am so appreciative of them my heart could burst. I don’t have time for the wouldn’ts, shouldn’ts, and couldn’ts. I don’t have time for the ones that did me wrong and who may or may not do it again. I don’t have time. Too much happens too fast in this world. Every breath, every thought, every action changes my outcome. SO, I’ll cherish its good and the good people.

Take note….Happy Wednesday!

Potato Soup–Tasty Tuesday

In the wonderful world of crazy weather. We’ve had some freezing days with wild winds and then, beautiful warm sunny days!

Last week was so nice but then out of the blue came a cloudy chilly day! It got me in the mood for a nice bowl of soup. Before when I’ve made potato soup I couldn’t figure out what it needed. I talked to my good friend Katelyn and mystery solved! Instant potatoes! So thank Kate! (Katelyn is also an awesome photographer! Look her up at (Especially those of you in the Lubbock area!) Now back to the soup!

I filled my pot up about 3-4 inches with water and added 5 cubes of chicken bullion. I cut up zucchini squash, some onion, carrots, garlic, celery and potatoes. I put all of these things in the pot and then added a pouch of Loaded Baked Mashed Potatoes. Turn your heat to low and cover for a good while (until all your veggies are soft). I loved adding the instant potatoes because it helped with adding just the right seasoning as well as giving it the texture.

I used:

1 zucchini squash

1/4 onion

5-6 stalks celery

1 tablespoon garlic

2 big handfuls of carrots

2 large potatoes

1 full bag instant loaded mashed potato mix

I didn’t use as many potatoes as I probably could have, but sometimes I like less of the potato chunks and more veggies! Go figure!

Make a pan of cornbread with it and you have a nice hearty-healthy meal!



Hill Repeats–Motivational Monday

ImageSo, it’s the last weekend of January. For some, New Year’s promises are just another memory and for others, they’re still trying to maintain their goal. For you, I hope it’s the latter.

In the past few weeks I’ve been doing something new. New to trainers and avid runners? Nah. But me, I started attempting hill repeats. (Yep, run up a hill and come back down and repeat!) I have to say I might be in love…well, okay maybe too strong of a word but I do REALLY like them! You pick a point where you will jog to and when you reach that you will push yourself (run/sprint) up the remainder of the hill. When you’ve reached the top? Take you’re sweet time back down it because you’re about to see it again real soon!

The first time I gave these hills a whirl I could only do two! I was completely out of breath and had to take a break in between making a total of 8. The following time, I did 10. I did 5 hills at a time with a small break in between. It’s fun to see if you’ve advanced and if they’re still as difficult as time goes on.

Even if you’re not into running I recommend doing these. They get you out of the gym, into fresh air and warm sunshine! Not to mention, by doing these you’re giving your legs and booty one heck of a workout!

You’ll never know if you don’t try….Have a wonderful, successful week!

FREEDOM FRIDAY-The little things

Why not be happy? Why not make the choices that will more days than none make you happy? Do what you love, live and hang around people that bring the best out in you, don’t stop what makes you…well you.

Look at the beauty in the world. Find the beauty in the small things. Find the humor instead fof the annoyance or burdenĀ in things and even the things that drives us crazy. Find peace in wisdom spoken and find joy in the love that you give. Feel the pureness of a child. Seek the truth within yourself.

Forget for one second about technology…yes it’s handy–I’m using it right now, but forget about it! Forget about the TV and the mundane shows that only interrupt your own thoughts. Let us go back to the little things, let us remember the little things. Those little things as simple as they are, are what make us. If you depend on everything else created to make you who you are today…maybe you should thinkĀ about that.

It’s my soap box, I say it all the time. Nobody makes us feel, be, or do anything. It’s all a choice, our own personalĀ choice. Let theĀ little things in life remind you of who you are and what you want for yourself.Ā 

I want the little things. I want to notice the soft breeze on my face, the warmth of the sunshine, the knowing look in my husbands eyes, the giggles that erupt from my children, the flower that’s opening and the beauty that exists all around the chaos of the world. I want to continue to move forward and know my truth. I want these things and I will have them.

Here’s to what you want! Happy Friday and weekend!

Garlic and Herb Porkloin with Veggies

ImageĀ I love porkloin, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s so incredibly tender or what. I like cooking it in a crockpot because let’s face it, I’m a mommy that sometimes doesn’t want to cook. Crockpots are a perfect middle for that feeling–toss stuff in and wha-la cooked dinner!

This porkloin is flavored with herbs and garlic and I’ve found it to be really juicy. However, you can always add 1/2 cup of a salsa and wow, you’d be amazed what that does for flavor and tenderness.

I am a firm believer that garlic cures all (kind of like the dad off my Big Greek Wedding and windex!). So I add a few tablespoons but you can obviously change that to your liking. I don’t measure…even with recipes that I find. So a dash of thyme, big pinch of rosemary, and small dash of oregano. And that’s it! You can also use potatoes like the picture above, we just don’t put them with our meat. Add a couple if your family eats them! šŸ˜‰

I start the porkloin around 9 in the morning and we eat around 5:30p.m. About noon or 1:00 p.m I add about half a big bagĀ of carrots, a few handfuls of chopped up celery, andĀ one cut up orange/red/or yellow bell pepper! YUM!

For this recipe you’ll need:

Porkloin (you can also get them seasoned at store if you don’t want to deal with that yourself)






One-Orange/Red/Yellow Bell Pepper

Now this is all that I use for my family, If y’all are a bigger family or eat big portions, change the amount of veggies etc. that I use to fit your needs!

Happy Tasty Tuesday! šŸ™‚

Push until you can’t…Motivational Monday

ImageSO after running with amazing people the last month or so I’ve realized what a difference it makes to push myself. Don’t get me wrong, I know that sounded stupid even putting it in words but I think many people think about “pushing” themselves but they never do, they keep doing what feels comfortable.

Just like the New Year everyone gets excited, everyone gets motivated and we put ideas into place but when it comes down to the ultimate goal, we forget to push when it’s time to push and we get comfortable and then most give up and blame it on something else.

I wasn’t a bad runner before, I could run and I could jog, and man was I comfortable with my pace! BUT, since the day I started pushing myself…I feel stronger, faster, and well better. And the truth is I am all of those things already and it’s been a short amount of time. I wouldn’t have known how good I could be if I had never tried to push myself. It hurts to push and it’s uncomfortable but man, I am loving the outcome!!

Don’t get me wrong I’ve pushed myself in sports and life and honestly, I haven’t. I’ve done what’s felt comfortable, only did what my given talent provided and nothing more. How sad. Maybe I used to think pushing myself had to be much harder, that it needed to be a struggle, sleepless nights, bruises etc. It DOESN’T. Let it just be enough, just a little faster each time, or a little further, just a little more than what you were doing…and then… push a little more!

So push yourself, not just with working out but in all aspects of your life. Push and let it feel uncomfortable…you may never know just how far you can take yourself, you may have no limits! And how cool would that be to see?

I’m up for the challenge and the push! I’m probably going to put the word “push” somewhere where I can see it to be reminded that we all need this in life so we don’t become complacent. A push so we remember life is short and the days are real. A push to have the joy in seeing ourselves achieve success, even small success!

Go push on! Happy Monday! šŸ™‚