Someone so wise mentioned to me this morning to focus on success and not other people’s failures and I thought this to be so true in many cases. Would we be so hard on ourselves if we didn’t know what failure was? Would we even fail? Would we always be successful because we have our own drive or own ideas what success is vs. the example that has been given?

I’m big on DREAMING BIG….A lot of us have New Year hopes and dreams and resolutions. DO THEM!! Don’t stop. Don’t stop and look at the other people who have given up on themselves, or on their own dreams. The only way you are going to achieve your outcome is to look at your every day life as a success, and to focus on success alone and not think about what will hinder you. Don’t even let the FAILURE creep into your mind. It doesn’t exist.

Maybe your day isn’t going to be what you want it to be. Did you do your ABSOLUTE BEST? Then it’s a success. Do the things that when your head hits the pillow at night you feel good about the day. Evaluate yourself not by others standards but your own, your own truth.

So it’s Monday….get out there with your head up, your dreams big, your heart open and your truth showing. And focus on SUCCESS!

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