So, I’ve been checking out this blogger, and I feel like me, she’s new to this whole thing and has various ideas and expressions of herself that she’s putting out there. I love this idea and have done it myself but it has so many variables to it and that’s what can make it fun/sweet/cheesy/romantic…your choice.

If you don’t go to her site, it’s making a “Box of Love” and you cut out additional hearts and make the box (pictured above). I was thinking about doing one for my little girl instead of the whole candy bit. I would make her little hearts that told her various things like, “I love when you giggle”, “I love your strong will”, “I appreciate you” etc. And then obviously for boyfriend or husband you can do the same or funnier or sweeter.

You could even make a smaller box for a really good friend that would appreciate it.

I do plan on getting my girls to cut out some hearts, color on them and I will write the things they love about their daddy. I appreciate that it’s different and I think something like this over chocolates is always a winner.

Not only can it be cute, fast, and fun….it’s super easy! And lets face it, it NEVER hurts to know you are LOVED!

Happy Thankful Thursday y’all! 🙂

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