Freedom Friday-Lance Armstrong

Wow…I don’t know about anyone else but I think I’ve heard enough of the Lance Armstrong story. Society is so quick to support and so ready to rip someone to shreds at the same time. What’s the big deal? I don’t condone using dope, but I can see where he’s coming from. He wanted to win, he was willing to do anything at all to get himself there. Maybe part of it was a thrill to see if he could get caught using, maybe part of it was the guilt attached that just kept the vicious cycle going, either way he did it, so what?

I’m SHOCKED- SHOCKED- SHOCKED that on most shows, news anchors, reporters anyone and everyone is saying how sad it is that he abused his power, and his position as a role model. Seriously?!? SERIOUSLY?!

This is coming from a society, a group of human beings that are willing to sell their souls, sell their homes, put their money in certain banks, purchase certain items, take certain medicines, (turn into extreme cyclists even) based on what a group of people, role models, celebrities, and even people from the internet or advertisement will tell them!!! We are swayed by the Kardashians for goodness sakes and the poor kids growing up will watch the dumbass housewives and quite possibly think that’s how all housewives actually act!

We are a society that has turned into the easiest group of people to manipulate based on an advertisement. Twitter and facebook alone manipulate people into making decisions. And this doesn’t worry anyone?

SO how about we say, dang, that’s too bad Lance Armstrong bad choice dude and move on. And the cycling sport isn’t ruined. This isn’t the first athlete to open their fans eyes that people make choices that aren’t always acceptable and that may not be the best. It doesn’t make them less as a person and it doesn’t make them less of an athlete.

What we should be worried about is how easily our opinions of someone can sway based on what society or those people mentioned above want us to believe. What we should be worried about is that celebrities have more pull over us rather than our founding fathers or people that have made a genuine difference in the world. What we should be most worried about is how many of us will listen to others versus ourselves.

Lance Armstrong is by no means the first person in a “powerful position” to manipulate people. Look around and while you’re at it get over it! And get your own thought and opinion!

Happy Freedom Friday! 😉 

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