Push until you can’t…Motivational Monday

ImageSO after running with amazing people the last month or so I’ve realized what a difference it makes to push myself. Don’t get me wrong, I know that sounded stupid even putting it in words but I think many people think about “pushing” themselves but they never do, they keep doing what feels comfortable.

Just like the New Year everyone gets excited, everyone gets motivated and we put ideas into place but when it comes down to the ultimate goal, we forget to push when it’s time to push and we get comfortable and then most give up and blame it on something else.

I wasn’t a bad runner before, I could run and I could jog, and man was I comfortable with my pace! BUT, since the day I started pushing myself…I feel stronger, faster, and well better. And the truth is I am all of those things already and it’s been a short amount of time. I wouldn’t have known how good I could be if I had never tried to push myself. It hurts to push and it’s uncomfortable but man, I am loving the outcome!!

Don’t get me wrong I’ve pushed myself in sports and life and honestly, I haven’t. I’ve done what’s felt comfortable, only did what my given talent provided and nothing more. How sad. Maybe I used to think pushing myself had to be much harder, that it needed to be a struggle, sleepless nights, bruises etc. It DOESN’T. Let it just be enough, just a little faster each time, or a little further, just a little more than what you were doing…and then… push a little more!

So push yourself, not just with working out but in all aspects of your life. Push and let it feel uncomfortable…you may never know just how far you can take yourself, you may have no limits! And how cool would that be to see?

I’m up for the challenge and the push! I’m probably going to put the word “push” somewhere where I can see it to be reminded that we all need this in life so we don’t become complacent. A push so we remember life is short and the days are real. A push to have the joy in seeing ourselves achieve success, even small success!

Go push on! Happy Monday! 🙂

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