FREEDOM FRIDAY-The little things

Why not be happy? Why not make the choices that will more days than none make you happy? Do what you love, live and hang around people that bring the best out in you, don’t stop what makes you…well you.

Look at the beauty in the world. Find the beauty in the small things. Find the humor instead fof the annoyance or burden in things and even the things that drives us crazy. Find peace in wisdom spoken and find joy in the love that you give. Feel the pureness of a child. Seek the truth within yourself.

Forget for one second about technology…yes it’s handy–I’m using it right now, but forget about it! Forget about the TV and the mundane shows that only interrupt your own thoughts. Let us go back to the little things, let us remember the little things. Those little things as simple as they are, are what make us. If you depend on everything else created to make you who you are today…maybe you should think about that.

It’s my soap box, I say it all the time. Nobody makes us feel, be, or do anything. It’s all a choice, our own personal choice. Let the little things in life remind you of who you are and what you want for yourself. 

I want the little things. I want to notice the soft breeze on my face, the warmth of the sunshine, the knowing look in my husbands eyes, the giggles that erupt from my children, the flower that’s opening and the beauty that exists all around the chaos of the world. I want to continue to move forward and know my truth. I want these things and I will have them.

Here’s to what you want! Happy Friday and weekend!

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