Hill Repeats–Motivational Monday

ImageSo, it’s the last weekend of January. For some, New Year’s promises are just another memory and for others, they’re still trying to maintain their goal. For you, I hope it’s the latter.

In the past few weeks I’ve been doing something new. New to trainers and avid runners? Nah. But me, I started attempting hill repeats. (Yep, run up a hill and come back down and repeat!) I have to say I might be in love…well, okay maybe too strong of a word but I do REALLY like them! You pick a point where you will jog to and when you reach that you will push yourself (run/sprint) up the remainder of the hill. When you’ve reached the top? Take you’re sweet time back down it because you’re about to see it again real soon!

The first time I gave these hills a whirl I could only do two! I was completely out of breath and had to take a break in between making a total of 8. The following time, I did 10. I did 5 hills at a time with a small break in between. It’s fun to see if you’ve advanced and if they’re still as difficult as time goes on.

Even if you’re not into running I recommend doing these. They get you out of the gym, into fresh air and warm sunshine! Not to mention, by doing these you’re giving your legs and booty one heck of a workout!

You’ll never know if you don’t try….Have a wonderful, successful week!

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