“Always take no…

“Always take note of the ones who have done wrong and cherish the ones who do right”

When I visit my mother’s house I get so sentimental. It could be the quiet that wraps itself around the house and the serenity that follows it. I love the quiet, I love the stillness and I love to be able to just hear myself breathe.

I grew up being taught to appreciate and take in the beauty of the world. The quote above is that as well. Instead of focusing on the people or things that have happened to us in our lives, why not focus on the good and move forward from there?

It takes entirely too much energy to work on despising someone for something they may have done years ago. It takes too much energy even to have bitterness towards something or someone right now. Before you know it, we’ve spent all that time focusing on the “crap” and none on what DOES make our life beautiful and purposeful. Even some of the things that have happened to us in our lives that may not have been the most popular at the moment, those things define and shape the paths we walk on.

I learn this almost everyday…if not I’m shocked. Everyday I learn, that no matter what you have to do what’s best for you, making yourself happy. With experience I’ve learned that you can give someone what they want, and less than 5 minutes later they’ll only take and want more. No thank you. It is up to us as individuals to choose the life we lead. It’s up to us to discover our own happiness.

I love the ones that do right. I cherish them and am so appreciative of them my heart could burst. I don’t have time for the wouldn’ts, shouldn’ts, and couldn’ts. I don’t have time for the ones that did me wrong and who may or may not do it again. I don’t have time. Too much happens too fast in this world. Every breath, every thought, every action changes my outcome. SO, I’ll cherish its good and the good people.

Take note….Happy Wednesday!

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