Thankful Thursday–Letter Time (Craft)

Thankful Thursday--Letter Time (Craft)

I’m always trying to find new craft ideas or anything that allows the girls imagination to flow and creativity blossom.

The painting I posted is something that Marin did and I thought it was too cool. It’s a blast just watching her because she’s her own critic already and she definitely has her own idea! She holds the paintbrush very dainty-like, and the way a professional artist does. I get so tickled and so thrilled at the same time that she has more of the artsy gene in her than I do with my stick figure drawings.

SO, I decided to start ABC crafts with her to obviously help with recognizing the letters and what starts with that letter. I didn’t take pictures in time for this mornings blog, but on C and D I’ll get one to you.

For the LETTER A….You’ll Need: Construction paper, half an apple cut, and paint.
On the construction paper draw a BIG A on it (or cut one out and paste it). You are going to use the cut apple as a “stamp”, add the paint the child wants and let them dip the apple into the paint and then stamp the apple onto the paper. Wa La–learning and fun! You can obviously ask questions, or share that apple starts with the letter A….and what else starts with that letter?

For the LETTER B: You will need: Construction paper, blue paint, straw, and dish soap.

Write the Letter B on the construction paper, mix blue paint with the soap and add a smidge water to a little cup or jar that the straw will fit in. Poke/cut a hole at the top of the straw so they can’t suck the paint mixture back into their mouth. Now, let them blow the bubble mixture with the straw (just like making bubbles in milk). The bubbles should overflow and onto the paper. So, you have BLUE BUBBLES, onto the Letter B.

The Letter A went great and turned out just as nice! B…well….Marin had a blast and blew bubbles for I think 20 minutes. We learned about the letter B, but after she did have blue flecks all over her face and the B was more wet than painted. BUT…all this is okay because it serves its purpose! Plus, your child’s painting may turn out completely different. I’d love to know how theirs turns out!

Enjoy your little ones, it goes by faster than it all happens. Their sweet giggles and wanting to be held constantly is only a brief luxury for us. Never take it for granted….

Today, there ar…

Today, there are three kinds of people: the have’s, the have-not’s, and the have-not-paid-for-what-they-have’s.
-Earl Wilson

The more I write these blogs the more soap boxes I realize I have! Oh dear!

We live comfortably in our household but as my husband likes to tell me, “You squeak when you walk!”. It’s an ongoing joke and every time it makes me laugh. I’m sure he would love if I’d loosen up a touch, but I just can’t help myself. I am a money-saving, frugal shopping, won’t buy something unless I NEED it (HUGE difference between WANT and NEED), stash away the money kind of woman. Makes me very happy and it’s even become my own little game to see how much I can save each month.

People are always surprised when I can stay at home with our children. The truth of it is…we don’t try to live like everyone else. When my husband gets a raise, we don’t raise our budget. We’ve maintained the same style of living that we have since we’ve married….we’re comfortable and we’re happy. I’m not interested in the newest cars, boats, or clothes. It all works the same. We enjoy not having payments or trying to pay for things in cash.

Don’t get me wrong we take one big vacation and some little ones each year. So as much as I have learned how to save, I also know how to play. There’s always time to get the “latest” in whatever has come out, but wait a little longer and it’s not the “latest” anymore. Time and technology are racing each other and I want to still be standing when the race is over. I want to play and have fun but I want to live in our means and know that my family is taken care of.

To each their own, do what makes YOU happy but me? I’m good with having and saving.

Enjoy your Wednesday with all you got! 🙂

Tasty Tuesday–French Bread Pizza

Tasty Tuesday--French Bread Pizza

We looove us some pizza in this casa! I also love to be able to save money and of course make things at home. I haven’t been brave enough to try my own crust, so I just go with the French Bread. Plus, it doesn’t seem as doughy, so I feel a little better when I eat the whole thing. 😉

The downside of this yummy pizza (is that kind of an oxymoron?), is that sometimes the sauce makes the top a smidge soggy…a smidge.

On our pizza we use sauce or diced tomatoes that I add garlic, salt, and oregano to. I add some bell pepper (yellow, orange, or red), yellow tomatoes, black olives, baby spinach (or kale), and top with cheese. So I’m one of those cooks that enjoys seeing different colors from my food as well as the taste. Yup, I know…

Obviously the sky’s the limit on how many different pizzas you can make. If you have kiddos this is a perfect food for their little hands to lay veggies or meat. Not only is this recipe easy and fast it’s also pretty hearty and the way we make it, healthy.

I bake it on 400 degrees for around 10 minutes I believe. I swear, eventually I’ll get to where I measure and keep track of time since I’m sharing these meals!! Maybe! 🙂

Enjoy your Tuesday 🙂

Motivational Monday–Your goal

Today I don’t have any exercise or suggestion. I didn’t write on Freedom Friday so maybe I’m too worked up. 😉 Not really.

I felt like today I would just try to motivate with words. I’ll try to give another perspective or remind us of things we’ve forgotten.

If you don’t know or haven’t figured out, my BIGGEST pet peeve is that striving for excellence is looked down on. It’s something that’s ridiculed or bashed. It’s something that doesn’t get rewarded usually without success, it’s something that you won’t get patted on the back for (unless you’re surrounded with like people and even then it may not happen). If you don’t make yourself a martyr and try to bring everyone around you into your craziness….well-something is wrong! Sound backwards to you? Anyway…enough soap box!

The way I look at it, it takes 30 days to break or make a habit. Find whatever it is that you’d like to change and give it 30 days of undivided attention. When you feel yourself falling back into the “habit” stop yourself, and change your reaction or your habit. Just 30 days…and we can’t use the excuse of, “Oh, I forgot”, “Oh I’m busy”, no. If we can give the TV, Phones, News, Shoes/Accessories, or crap that simply doesn’t matter-we can focus on ourselves. Who cares what it is! If you’re wanting to add a new healthy lifestyle or you’re wanting to change, stop vacillating and just do it!

We have to remember that our success is all that matters.  JUST OURS. When we die we’re not going to be held responsible for EVERY person that exists, so why would you care if what you do or have is like theirs?! Make your OWN list. Then again, for me it’s never had to be New Year’s for me to make resolutions. Something that sounds familiar in our household and growing up…”I’m a FULL time job”.

Strive for excellence, no matter what anyone thinks or even if you don’t believe it’s possible. Keep striving, simply be the person that you can love on your own. It really is that easy, once YOU decide it isn’t going to be hard.


Thankful Thursday—-Sock Puppets (Back to the basics)


Yesterday we made sock puppets. The magic that gets created is amazing. My oldest is aware enough to know, it’s a sock that has a button nose and googly eyes, she’s very logical. However, when the sock slides onto my hand, and my very animated voice makes it’s entrance…these are no ordinary socks. They’re a snake and monkey with all sorts  of mischievous plans and boy are they ticklish! Well, maybe the monkey more so than the snake.

We started off just making puppets, but then as Marin pointed out–they need a show! So, we created the box which Marin painted and helped with the curtains. Our stage was set, the puppets alive, my children endearing and fully entertained. Marin couldn’t stop giggly and sitting on the edge of her little sit to hear what story I had created. In fairness, I’ll be thinking of much better stories than the ones that popped in my head.

This was a good project all around. We witnessed magic, imagination, creativity and joy. Now, there’s always something in it for me (minus the pure joy I experience)….I was able to sit back and not be my usual OCD self. Marin wanted the monkey to have crazy eyebrows (which actually suited the monkey) and she wanted the snake to have hair. It’s sooo hard for me to just let loose and let them make messes, but in these messes I realize they are doing their own set of learning and discovering. What looks like a pile of paint to me, is a perfect cloud or a bird to my love.

You can’t ever go wrong with sock puppets, and lets face it…they beat just about any toy out there!

What a pleasant day we had and as usual….we all learned a little something and grew a little more. Go make a sock puppet and see what your little one thinks!

🙂 And be thankful….

.***apologies for the sock puppet pic….just tilt that head of yours 😉

Wordy Wednesday—Audrey Hepburn


“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best  calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong  when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the  prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in  miracles.”              AUDREY HEPBURN

My love for Audrey and Abraham Lincoln has to be a tie….well okay maybe not but still…such great spirits.

I believe in all the things Audrey seems to in the quote above. I believe that we need to take life a little less serious, while still being completely serious at the same time. I believe that we need to stop and listen to our children even if they’ve repeated our names or what they want 20 times over and over. I believe that we must hold on to the things that make us happy. I believe we must choose the very best decisions so that we can walk the very best paths.

Laugh today and take time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, the freedom we have, the peace in the quiet, and the love and joy we can experience.




Tasty Tuesday—Tomatillo Sauce

Tasty Tuesday---Tomatillo Sauce

Well it’s no surprise when I…A) Can’t find a recipe B) Can’t quite recall one that I really like….SO this sauce is one of those. This one is just off “memory” , keeping in mind I’ve had two children since I’ve made it!

I first had this one night in Austin and I’m pretty sure all my taste buds got singed off. My tolerance for spicy rocketed after that.

You’ll need:
Tomatillos 15 or so, Serrano Peppers (5-8), Garlic, Salt, Vegetable oil

In a sauce pan bring water to a boil, peel the tomatillos and let them boil in the water until they change color and soften. In the meantime, grab your blender and stick the peppers and spices in there. Now grab a cast iron skillet. Pour a splash of oil in the skillet and then add about a tablespoon of garlic (unless you want less). After the tomatillos have boiled put them in the blender. Blend it all up and pour into the pan and cook it with a splash of oil for a little bit.

Cook the sauce for about 5 minutes. When I made mine tonight it wasn’t as spicy as it had been my first time….which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Hope y’alls is yummy! It has a different flavor, don’t expect a “salsa” taste, but it is good and it’s good to put on just about anything!