Freedom Friday–A pet peeve

Hold on to your seats…I’m about to get real. Remember these are my own thoughts and opinions. And remember, you can always exit out of my blog and never look back! 😉

I AM a woman of many talents, I am a woman who strives to be better each day and I am a woman who knows herself. I pay attention to my thoughts, actions, and emotions. AND I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM! I am aware of each move I make so that I can hope to stay on a healthy path.

A woman who is too skinny won’t have enough stamina/strength to win a race. A woman who is too skinny wouldn’t have the energy to chase her children around all day. A woman who is too skinny, doesn’t eat or eat enough.

I take offense. I am little, but I am strong. I am healthy. I am a woman who keeps not only her body in excellent condition, but her mind, soul, and heart. I eat right and I maintain a healthy lifestyle. I make no apologies for this.

I don’t walk around telling people they’re too fat, or that they shouldn’t be eating 99% of the crap they shove in their mouths. I don’t judge you harshly, so it’s just a cruel for you to do it to me. What is the matter with us?! What gives us the RIGHT to tell people ALL our opinions to their face ALL the time!? Write a blog for goodness sakes ;). It isn’t our right to tell people everything we think about them or even what we do. This is my peeve even about Facebook. OMG, let’s post the dumbest, cruelest, most judgmental things possible! Don’t do it and then get offended when someone has their own thoughts as well.

We have forgotten! We have forgotten that the world is surrounded with tragedy, cruelty, beauty, love, faith and heartache. You’ve forgotten when ALL you can think to do is criticize someone and THEIR lifestyle. I want to know when it became a bad thing to strive for excellence? Why as a society have we accepted mediocre as a good thing, and we have supported lazy! Why have we started looking at the people who strive for perfection as someone who is “too something”.
You can have your low standards, I’ll keep my idea of excellence.

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