Motivational Monday–Cardio Stations

Motivational Monday--Cardio Stations

Gee, talk about motivation….there’s nothing worse than typing out a whole blog and then going back and it’s gone! So this one may be a little more short and to the point.

It’s indeed Monday again, might as well hit the gym or get a great workout in. You’ll start the week off already feeling on track!

I love cardio stations, they’re simple but tough but at the same time you don’t spend forever lifting weights. You can do these stations on a day you’ve lifted or you can do them when off. For me they just help tone/strengthen/build your muscles.

I prefer to start off on the treadmill. You can use the elliptical or bike if you prefer. I’m just going to use the treadmill as an example in this workout.

Get on the TREADMILL for 10 minutes, take it at an easy pace just to get your body going and muscles warmed up. Then get off and find a place to do TRICEP DIPS, do these for 2 minutes total, 1 minute straight with 30 second break and then 1 minute straight. Then get back on the TREADMILL for 3 minutes. Pick up the pace a little more this time. Then get off and do PUSHUPS, do them for a minute straight, try and get in 50. Back on the TREADMILL for another 3 with pace faster than last time. Then off again and this time LUNGES and SQUATS, do each for a minute, totaling 2 minutes. Hop back on the TREADMILL with the pace as much as you can take for 3 minutes. Now it’s time for CRUNCHES, I do 25 crunches in 4 different ways totaling 100. You can do bicycle, oblique’s, legs up etc. Now last time to get on the TREADMILL….do a nice cool down for 5 minutes. Afterwards make sure you stretch well.

These are very short intervals but also very effective if you’re wanting to achieve tone and strengthening. Always good to slip into your workout for something different. Don’t be surprised if you’re a little sore.

Enjoy your Monday 🙂 Start the week off feeling good.

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