Thankful Thursday—Back to the Basics

Thankful Thursday---Back to the Basics

I personally am a mom who doesn’t purchase very many toys. I will buy books and some movies, toys not so much. I love when children use their imagination, most times so much better than I do.
I’m always being taught something or made aware in some way by the girls and I appreciate it so much.

It amazes me how an ice cream scoop turns into a wand, a box turns into a barn for horses, and soup cans turn into a castle. The dirt outside is their battlefield, and the dogs water outside is splashing in the rain. Sticks become shovels and pencils and rocks become magic.

Thank you my sweet girls for constantly reminding me that magic still exists. Thank you for showing me that you’re creative and expressing it with such vigor. Even though I feel like I’m doing scavenger hunts throughout the house now, and I find my own items hidden behind pillows and tucked in between sheets….I have to smile.

I REMEMBER when I had a plan for EACH thing that I was curious about. My stuffed animals were alive and they would tell me about their secrets….my makeup was put on just as beautiful as my moms, just like Marin tries to put hers on like I do (blue eye masks for sure 😉 ). I would sing my dolls to sleep just like they do and I would get water for my pretend pet. I would pretend to be a horse, and sing and dance like Mariah Carey. I REMEMBER.

Nothing warms my heart more than watching them come up with their own fairy tales and barns for their animals. They have their own adventures and way their animals make noise.

I’m so thankful I get to watch magic each and every day. To wake up in a home that believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, singing if you’re happy and you know it at the top of our lungs, and using “Please” and “Thank You”. I’m so glad the basics still exists in our home. A home that can be made out of soup cans.

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