Motivational Monday–Change it up

Motivational Monday--Change it up

Appreciate what you have, appreciate what you don’t, appreciate what you’re working hard to obtain, and appreciate life.

If you’re getting tired with just going to the gym, tired of just running, or whatever it is you may be tired of…. CHANGE IT UP!

I think the reason so many workouts, or goals fail is because we get burnt out. You start off strong and then you simply have all you can take. When you start feeling the “Ugh” coming on, throw something different into your workout. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s active. Instead of running, hop on the bike (may be what I end up doing occasionally), play basketball, tennis, or swim…I mean really….your options are endless as far as a fresh change is concerned.

You’ll probably find yourself working different muscles if you can rotate a few different activities/workouts AND it will also make it more fun. Your chance of giving up and quitting will be much smaller.

It’s Monday…Appreciate it. 🙂

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