Tasty Tuesday—Tomatillo Sauce

Tasty Tuesday---Tomatillo Sauce

Well it’s no surprise when I…A) Can’t find a recipe B) Can’t quite recall one that I really like….SO this sauce is one of those. This one is just off “memory” , keeping in mind I’ve had two children since I’ve made it!

I first had this one night in Austin and I’m pretty sure all my taste buds got singed off. My tolerance for spicy rocketed after that.

You’ll need:
Tomatillos 15 or so, Serrano Peppers (5-8), Garlic, Salt, Vegetable oil

In a sauce pan bring water to a boil, peel the tomatillos and let them boil in the water until they change color and soften. In the meantime, grab your blender and stick the peppers and spices in there. Now grab a cast iron skillet. Pour a splash of oil in the skillet and then add about a tablespoon of garlic (unless you want less). After the tomatillos have boiled put them in the blender. Blend it all up and pour into the pan and cook it with a splash of oil for a little bit.

Cook the sauce for about 5 minutes. When I made mine tonight it wasn’t as spicy as it had been my first time….which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Hope y’alls is yummy! It has a different flavor, don’t expect a “salsa” taste, but it is good and it’s good to put on just about anything!

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