Thankful Thursday—-Sock Puppets (Back to the basics)


Yesterday we made sock puppets. The magic that gets created is amazing. My oldest is aware enough to know, it’s a sock that has a button nose and googly eyes, she’s very logical. However, when the sock slides onto my hand, and my very animated voice makes it’s entrance…these are no ordinary socks. They’re a snake and monkey with all sorts  of mischievous plans and boy are they ticklish! Well, maybe the monkey more so than the snake.

We started off just making puppets, but then as Marin pointed out–they need a show! So, we created the box which Marin painted and helped with the curtains. Our stage was set, the puppets alive, my children endearing and fully entertained. Marin couldn’t stop giggly and sitting on the edge of her little sit to hear what story I had created. In fairness, I’ll be thinking of much better stories than the ones that popped in my head.

This was a good project all around. We witnessed magic, imagination, creativity and joy. Now, there’s always something in it for me (minus the pure joy I experience)….I was able to sit back and not be my usual OCD self. Marin wanted the monkey to have crazy eyebrows (which actually suited the monkey) and she wanted the snake to have hair. It’s sooo hard for me to just let loose and let them make messes, but in these messes I realize they are doing their own set of learning and discovering. What looks like a pile of paint to me, is a perfect cloud or a bird to my love.

You can’t ever go wrong with sock puppets, and lets face it…they beat just about any toy out there!

What a pleasant day we had and as usual….we all learned a little something and grew a little more. Go make a sock puppet and see what your little one thinks!

🙂 And be thankful….

.***apologies for the sock puppet pic….just tilt that head of yours 😉

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