Motivational Monday–Your goal

Today I don’t have any exercise or suggestion. I didn’t write on Freedom Friday so maybe I’m too worked up. 😉 Not really.

I felt like today I would just try to motivate with words. I’ll try to give another perspective or remind us of things we’ve forgotten.

If you don’t know or haven’t figured out, my BIGGEST pet peeve is that striving for excellence is looked down on. It’s something that’s ridiculed or bashed. It’s something that doesn’t get rewarded usually without success, it’s something that you won’t get patted on the back for (unless you’re surrounded with like people and even then it may not happen). If you don’t make yourself a martyr and try to bring everyone around you into your craziness….well-something is wrong! Sound backwards to you? Anyway…enough soap box!

The way I look at it, it takes 30 days to break or make a habit. Find whatever it is that you’d like to change and give it 30 days of undivided attention. When you feel yourself falling back into the “habit” stop yourself, and change your reaction or your habit. Just 30 days…and we can’t use the excuse of, “Oh, I forgot”, “Oh I’m busy”, no. If we can give the TV, Phones, News, Shoes/Accessories, or crap that simply doesn’t matter-we can focus on ourselves. Who cares what it is! If you’re wanting to add a new healthy lifestyle or you’re wanting to change, stop vacillating and just do it!

We have to remember that our success is all that matters.  JUST OURS. When we die we’re not going to be held responsible for EVERY person that exists, so why would you care if what you do or have is like theirs?! Make your OWN list. Then again, for me it’s never had to be New Year’s for me to make resolutions. Something that sounds familiar in our household and growing up…”I’m a FULL time job”.

Strive for excellence, no matter what anyone thinks or even if you don’t believe it’s possible. Keep striving, simply be the person that you can love on your own. It really is that easy, once YOU decide it isn’t going to be hard.


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