Tasty Tuesday–French Bread Pizza

Tasty Tuesday--French Bread Pizza

We looove us some pizza in this casa! I also love to be able to save money and of course make things at home. I haven’t been brave enough to try my own crust, so I just go with the French Bread. Plus, it doesn’t seem as doughy, so I feel a little better when I eat the whole thing. πŸ˜‰

The downside of this yummy pizza (is that kind of an oxymoron?), is that sometimes the sauce makes the top a smidge soggy…a smidge.

On our pizza we use sauce or diced tomatoes that I add garlic, salt, and oregano to. I add some bell pepper (yellow, orange, or red), yellow tomatoes, black olives, baby spinach (or kale), and top with cheese. So I’m one of those cooks that enjoys seeing different colors from my food as well as the taste. Yup, I know…

Obviously the sky’s the limit on how many different pizzas you can make. If you have kiddos this is a perfect food for their little hands to lay veggies or meat. Not only is this recipe easy and fast it’s also pretty hearty and the way we make it, healthy.

I bake it on 400 degrees for around 10 minutes I believe. I swear, eventually I’ll get to where I measure and keep track of time since I’m sharing these meals!! Maybe! πŸ™‚

Enjoy your Tuesday πŸ™‚

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