Thankful Thursday–Letter Time (Craft)

Thankful Thursday--Letter Time (Craft)

I’m always trying to find new craft ideas or anything that allows the girls imagination to flow and creativity blossom.

The painting I posted is something that Marin did and I thought it was too cool. It’s a blast just watching her because she’s her own critic already and she definitely has her own idea! She holds the paintbrush very dainty-like, and the way a professional artist does. I get so tickled and so thrilled at the same time that she has more of the artsy gene in her than I do with my stick figure drawings.

SO, I decided to start ABC crafts with her to obviously help with recognizing the letters and what starts with that letter. I didn’t take pictures in time for this mornings blog, but on C and D I’ll get one to you.

For the LETTER A….You’ll Need: Construction paper, half an apple cut, and paint.
On the construction paper draw a BIG A on it (or cut one out and paste it). You are going to use the cut apple as a “stamp”, add the paint the child wants and let them dip the apple into the paint and then stamp the apple onto the paper. Wa La–learning and fun! You can obviously ask questions, or share that apple starts with the letter A….and what else starts with that letter?

For the LETTER B: You will need: Construction paper, blue paint, straw, and dish soap.

Write the Letter B on the construction paper, mix blue paint with the soap and add a smidge water to a little cup or jar that the straw will fit in. Poke/cut a hole at the top of the straw so they can’t suck the paint mixture back into their mouth. Now, let them blow the bubble mixture with the straw (just like making bubbles in milk). The bubbles should overflow and onto the paper. So, you have BLUE BUBBLES, onto the Letter B.

The Letter A went great and turned out just as nice! B…well….Marin had a blast and blew bubbles for I think 20 minutes. We learned about the letter B, but after she did have blue flecks all over her face and the B was more wet than painted. BUT…all this is okay because it serves its purpose! Plus, your child’s painting may turn out completely different. I’d love to know how theirs turns out!

Enjoy your little ones, it goes by faster than it all happens. Their sweet giggles and wanting to be held constantly is only a brief luxury for us. Never take it for granted….

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