Monday–Motivational ?

On this day…. I need motivation of my own! I’ve needed my own motivation for about a week now! Working out has been tough, doing the new things that I’ve invested my time in has been tough, children with stuffy and runny noses…HAS BEEN TOUGH! I guess that’s my point. Life even though it’s simple and beautiful and all the highs and lows…is tough. The key is to keep moving forward. There will always be a day that maybe you didn’t get enough sleep, you feel lousy in general, the kiddos woke you up way earlier than normal, or even the day has gotten away from you. There’s always SOMETHING.

The point is to move forward and well, just get moving! There’s always going to be an excuse (or in our minds) a good reason not to do something. Who cares, just do it. All we can do is what the day presents itself with, but at least at the end of the day you can feel successful with your own achievements. Like for me, today, I’m going to feel successful after doing a load or two of laundry, finally doing the dishes I let pile up yesterday, writing this blog, caring for and loving my children, and eventually do hill repeats. Do I want to do any of this? Nope. I want to make a big fort tent and hide underneath with a nice book in hand. Now…will I probably read? You bet. It’s a treat. I’m going to try and have as much patience and grace today because today I feel like I have none. You can bet that after I’ve done some of these things, I’m going to feel better though…and if I don’t and I’m still a complete grouch-I at least got a few things done. 😉

So go on…do the things you don’t want to do today. Go and be someone that you want to be. Go and do it the best you can. Go and be and have a Happy Monday! 🙂

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