•If you find yo…

•If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin’.
-cowboys and ranchers

I don’t know if it was growing up on a ranch with the closest neighbor being 20 miles away (from the HWY) that made me different or not. I don’t know if it was the simple way of living that allowed us not to get too “excited” when things happened. Minus the fact that I was always young girl (YIKES).

This is taking this quote on more of a literal stance but I remember being 10 or so driving the pickup around (yes on a ranch this is just fine) with my dog and cat as my passengers. I went driving right through the deepest patch of mud in the road….I obviously got stuck. There were no cell phones…at least no chance of service, nobody around to help, and my option was either to leave the truck and walk home (10 miles or so), or start digging. Long story short,  I eventually dug us out of there. This saying just reminded me of one of the places I consider so close to my heart. I learned so many different things over a short period of time, I learned how to change a flat around the same time I started driving. I learned that the TV was a luxury, that we had school clothes and outside clothes, that my “dogey” calf would eventually get butchered after I loved him and fed him (yeah that was a toughie), and that if you headed back towards the mountains you were going towards the house. I learned that beauty was what surrounded you and hard work was what kept the food on the table, I learned to never curse the rain, I learned that gnats loved to fly up your nose and in your ears when you’re trying to build fence. I can go on and on with my list. I’m so thankful for learning that and more so young.

I get so sick and discouraged with the people who not only find themselves in a hole, but 10-1 probably dug the thing themselves before they jumped in. Granted, I’ve done my own hole digging but I know I didn’t try to bring everyone down with me. Once I realized what I’d done I stopped digging. I don’t believe most people want to do this. Where would the drama be? Their life wouldn’t be exciting or “meaningful” anymore. They need or want a challenge. Me personally, I’m a full time job without any extra craziness.

If you’re always in a hole….maybe see what’s getting you there and make sure you’re not the one always digging it.

Just my thoughts for a Wordy Wednesday! Enjoy your day! Watch out for holes!! 🙂

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