Motivational Monday–TRY TRY AGAIN

Motivational Monday--TRY TRY AGAIN

ANOTHER MONDAY! How are you? Where are you at with your goals, inspirations, or “deadlines”? I hope you’re all still working at achieving them all, I hope you’re steady on and continuing in your journey without getting discouraged. I hope you’re doing these things without making excuses, and I hope you’re doing these things without being afraid.

Push. Did you forget? Remember to keep pushing. Maybe those squats got too easy, 3 miles is a walk in the park, or you’ve lost count with how many pushups you can do. Don’t be afraid, keep pushing….if you’re anything like me I will only become mad at myself and I don’t want to wonder “what if”.

It’s too easy to become stagnant and make excuses here. It just is. Surround yourself with like people, surround yourself with the people who will push you and inspire you. Don’t become stagnant….don’t be afraid.

Push on. Try something different try to push just a little further than you thought was capable. If you can’t right now, I’m sure you’ll get there and if not “Oh Well”.

Happy Monday….don’t stop remembering what you promised yourself! 🙂

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