“Girl run hide …

“Girl run hide yo’ crazy and start acting like a lady….”
—–Song by Miranda Lambert

WELL, I’m offended WordPress!! I wrote this yesterday so I could just shoot it off this morning, and it was GONE. Was I too opinionated? Fired up? I would say yes to both but I’m afraid on this Wordy Wednesday it’s not going to hold me back from talking about this.

Everyone, anyone, feel free to leave a reply to my always asked question…WHY, WHY is it okay that we have settled for mediocre?!? WHY have manners and class fallen at the wayside??

This line from the song above also makes me think of the line from Jack Johnson’s song, “Where’d all the good people go”.

It’s a problem. It’s a problem that it goes unnoticed by most. Or the completely lazy people in society think they should be GIVEN everything. They don’t think it should be worked for because they don’t even understand that process! It’s a problem that guys whistle and make a crude gesture at a woman thinking it’s going to work! It’s worse when it does for some women.

Holy smokes watch Carey Grant movies guys, Ladies watch Audrey Hepburn/Elizabeth Taylor!! Have some self respect some pride in yourself to act better than walking around practically dragging your knuckles on the floor!

Tips: Guys, you won’t get a REAL woman by making a crude gesture and wearing your damn pants down to your ankles. Ladies, short skirts that show the guys your world and making eyes/gestures will not get you a REAL man. Start having some class people. We have settled in a time where it’s okay to be crass or curse around children or anyone else with ears, it’s okay to stop being polite, not open doors, or not look at people when they speak to you or even have a conversation back!! Too much is not okay now. Are you okay with this?! REALLY!??

Don’t let it go forgotten, don’t let it go unnoticed…be grateful for the ones who still know how to act like a decent human being. Respect yourself and at least have respect for the ones that are still gentlemen and women. Make sure if you are a REAL person that you pass it down to your children, or neice/nephew, ANYONE. Pass it on….

And for those that DO have it…LET them. Women let the men open doors and treat you like a woman I think it’s stopped when women or everyone else decided to be “equal”. Equal works but it doesn’t mean you have to take the class out of everything.

SO, back to what I keep saying….Have self respect and pride. Realize that things don’t go unnoticed, realize that you walking around like everyone else just means you look just as sloppy and ridiculous as they do….STAND OUT be rare now, because the class and manners and self respect is fading out fast.

Happy Day! 🙂


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