Thankful Thursday–Craft–Planet

Thankful Thursday--Craft--Planet

Okay so I love this idea. It gives your child a chance to be completely creative and it’s pretty interesting what they may have to say.

You’ll need:
A Styrofoam ball, paint, and pen/paper

The balls you can find from Walmart or hobby lobby for about $4 for a set of 2.

Talk to your child about planets or if they already know about them, tell them that they are getting the chance to have THEIR OWN planet. So questions I asked were:

What’s the weather like on your planet? Hot/Cold?What’s the name of your planet?
Does your planet have animals?
Do you eat food on your planet?
What’s your planet look like?

So Marin painted her planet very specifically and went on to tell me about it.
Her planets name is Home. Only Dinosaurs and Bugs live there. It snows a lot and is warm. It’s also purple everywhere. You can’t eat there because as she told me matter of fact like- “There’s dinosaurs there”. The dinosaurs don’t kill anything they dance!
Have to admit it sounded pretty fun to me.
See what your child has to say…or maybe even your own planet. 😉

My heart just swells with joy and love from my girls as usual I’m speechless about how honored/thankful I am to be their mother.

Happy Thankful Thursday! 🙂

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