Freedom Friday–Friends

Freedom Friday--Friends

I’ve got to put our goofy picture because I get so tickled that we have so much fun. I’m fortunate that my husband is my good friend. If you come into our home watch out, we may have a wet rag fight (we usually don’t in front of company). We laugh at each others completely corny jokes and we laugh when we get on each others nerves (sometimes). I appreciate his hard work and efforts he puts forth for his family and I appreciate what an amazing father he is. I’ll leave this friend today for a few days and take a visit to the GIRLFRIENDS!

Nothing says friends like your close “gal pals”. The kind that you remember laughing until you cry. Pulling innocent pranks, trying your first “beer” together, and sneaking out of each other homes. The kind that you’ve been able to cry to uncontrollably and they just hold you. The ones that have told you when you were being a jerk and weren’t afraid if that bothered you. The friends that you have so many different experiences with, that when you think of the memories you can just laugh out loud.

I’m a gal who has high expectations not just with herself but with others. I’m not afraid to drop someone if they’ve turned into a person I can no longer trust. I am loyal 100% and I’m so GRATEFUL and appreciative of these friends and my husband that are as well.

It’s Freedom Friday and to all my friends that I’m not going to visit directly….THANK YOU! I’m a complete pain no doubt, but I’m pretty fun in the meantime ;).

Everyone let your friends or loved ones know you appreciate them…it’s always nice to hear 😉 Have a great Friday!

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