Wrapped up–3 in 1 (wed-fri)

I’ve been in the gorgeous Lincoln, NM. Located not far from Ruidoso, NM. Home of Billy The Kid y’all! 🙂 You know? Famous outlaw, fugitive in the cowboy days?
If you’ve never been to this little town come visit. The old courthouse still stands, along with the Tunstall store. It may not be “jumping” with stuff to do but if you can just get over that and absorb the history and the beauty, its all worth it.

I love Lincoln because I get off my phone. I love Lincoln because nothing but green, trees, mountains, wild turkeys and stillness surrounds me. It’s home to my heart and soul. My children play outside, looking like pig-pen when they toddle in with dirt on their faces.

I get to absorb the quiet with the occasional vehicle driving by. To listen to my girls chatter back and forth and run with ropes for the kittens to chase, and it is 100 more times pleasant than hearing a TV show or a ding that I have a message. I get to listen to my own thoughts, sort out my own issues, or things that complex me. I get to be STILL. I can open a book and get lost in just words if I want.

I talk all the time about being STILL and how important I think that is. How important it is to put the technology (no matter how cool, wonderful, or life altering it’s been) out-of-the-way. I get to totally forget about my phone and IF I’ll miss a text or WHAT’S going on Facebook. In reality none of this matters.

What MATTERS to me is the beauty that is so simple it’s astounding, the fresh air I have the freedom to breathe, the voices of my sweet, happy children, my own determination to not settle with what society has, my thoughts to be better for my OWN gain, figuring out how I can be a better mother and wife, and the fact that as of right now, in this moment, my life is good. We are free, we are breathing clean air, we aren’t being bombed or shot at, we are safe. FOR NOW.

I realize that in an instant a world can crumble, lives can be lost, and hearts can be broken. I KNOW that in a split second….it can all be taken away. I haven’t forgotten…
Even though I am thankful, most days, for the progression of man and technology, I am so so happy that my life is not based on this. I don’t care which new phone, shoes, or show has come out….I care about what EXISTS today.

I love the sunshine on my face and how it can warm my soul. Today let the sun shine through.

Be kind–Have a great last part of your week

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