Motivational Monday–30 Squat Challenge

Motivational Monday--30 Squat Challenge

Well, I personally had taken 6 days off, I’m usually completely against this and during those 6 days I wasn’t exactly a fan of taking them off but I also knew it needed to be done. A calf-possible injury-that I kept neglecting finally got some R&R.

Yesterday I was “back in the saddle” and had an awesome workout. My calf was bothering me some in the very beginning but then seemed to work its kink out.

TODAY is a NEW day and with that, I am bringing on a few new challenges to myself. The biggest one of all is obviously this squat challenge. I’m big on booty’s, I’m a total leg/hiney kind of gal. Well, arms too, buuut the legs and hiney trump. If you want to wear leggings properly (without jiggle) you need to have toned legs and butt.

My problem has become with all the running I’m doing it works different muscles, it works the long muscles, which is why runners have that “lean runner” look. To have a nice fit/poochy butt you’ve got to work the short muscles. There are some ways to do this with running, if you include hill intervals or stairs but really let’s face it…squats are going to get it done. Use your own body weight and do the days that are on the chart in the picture. If you think your own body weight is going to be too easy, then by all means add some weight (I would think you’re nuts) and go for it.

Challenge 2–I’m also going to put the carbs to the side for a few weeks to look a little more defined, detox-ish, and lose a pound or so. I like to do this every so often. IT’S ALL ABOUT DIET!!!!!! I can’t express this enough, YOU CANNOT build muscle eating food that is bad for you.** If you can eat it and get away with it I don’t care, it’s NOT good for you or your body. I get occasional jabs from people about the way I eat, I’ve eaten this way for years now and have been able to sustain a good healthy weight through pregnancies and after. That’s been my ‘TRICK” anytime I’m asked. I don’t eat sugar, I separate my proteins and carbs, and I rarely drink alcohol. There’s times that I cut out the carbs completely because unless you’re eating good for you rice and maybe sweet potatoes..all the rest isn’t that great for you.
I’m telling you it matters, and if you can get away with eating junk now….you won’t always get away with it. Like I say, I’m all for looking 40 when I’m in my late 50’s.

Any takers on the challenge? If so keep me posted as I update you on mine! Have a great Monday!

** The more muscle you have the more fat and calories you burn constantly.

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