EVERYONE should know how to cook. Male/female, I don’t care– I think it’s important to know how to cook. I think not knowing how to cook in general and then not knowing how to cook healthy foods is the obvious reason for obesity in America. If you can’t cook, you just go out and eat everything that’s put on your plate. On the plate you’ve chosen, for MOST people, it usually consists of chemicals, preservatives and who knows what else….YOU didn’t fix it and you didn’t SEE them fix it from scratch, so you really don’t know do you?

Popping Eggo Waffles into the toaster is NOT cooking. Fixing pancakes from pancake mix is NOT fixing pancakes! I understand some people just flat weren’t raised learning how to cook, or their parents didn’t cook either. Doesn’t matter. There’s always time for a change. I can make ANYTHING from scratch…you name it, and if I can’t I’ll try to figure it out. I feel better knowing what I’m putting into my own food which will then give me the actual nutrition I need. Not only can you help your body you can save some serious money by not eating out and by not buying pointless food that you could have cooked yourself.

 We can’t eat like our grandparents used to eat either….they were used to chicken fried steak with gravy, they were used to buttering everything. HOWEVER, that generation was very hardworking, they also didn’t eat the same portions that we have grown accustomed to now, HUGE difference.

Food affects our moods and behavior. Chemicals are chemicals folks, you add crap to your body and you are going to feel like crap. Common sense. Children that can’t settle down or have huge tantrums, or are little crazies, or are lethargic, this can all stem from what you’re feeding them. Yes, I understand children are children and so I’m obviously not saying this is all based on nutrition but it’s 98% of it!

There’s also a crazy end of the spectrum. I also feel that it’s not a bad idea to eat something with chemicals and preservatives once in a blue moon just so you don’t get so pure a plant can kill you. Being organic now is just about impossible. Too much air pollution, bugs or pesticides, and everything else. I’m not saying to not try and eat/drink the very best we can but lets just be practical in our logic.

THINK about what you’re doing, THINK about how you are eating and how it WILL affect your body, mood and behavior. THINK about what matters to you. For goodness sakes LEARN how to cook so it’s not something else lost in society like good manners and hard work!

GO fix something tasty this Tuesday!

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