Wordy Wednesday–Little Thoughts

Wordy Wednesday--Little Thoughts

I try to live by the quote to the side, however I am a full blown OCD-like to have a game plan person. I eventually have done enough work on myself-physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally that I have learned that I WILL handle whatever life presents when it does. It doesn’t do a bit of good to worry or beat anything to death.

I have a severe faith in myself and faith in what guides me. I don’t have much faith in people but that’s because if something tragic happens I’m not counting on them backing me up. Nothing wrong with the people, it’s my own common sense. I would say 85% of people freak when something happens and 10% become strong warriors, while the other 5% completely check themselves out. SO, I have “fine tuned” myself enough to know I can handle whatever may happen…even if I don’t want it to.

I get so exhausted hearing people ramble about things that certainly don’t matter in the large scheme of it all. I get exhausted hearing about what they may do IF something happens…there’s just no point. I get exhausted hearing people complain about what they have or the spouse they’re with, instead of doing everything they can to change their situation…then again I’m sure they’ll just complain about that.

I had a “new way” of thinking a month or so ago. It’s worked pretty well. You know the saying live like you’re dying? Well, it’s a good theory all in all but most people live that way a few days and then the dumbest thing throws them off track and they’re back to their old ways. Had the thought of what happens if my husbands dies? Living like you may not have them the next day….now that changes the whole deal. I remembered why I fell so deeply in love with him, all of his wonderful goodness shined even brighter, his annoy tendencies went to no big deal on the rector scale and I got over being stuck in the “typical” relationship. You can do this with your spouse, mother, children WHATEVER/WHOEVER. Think about it….how would you act or live if something happened to them? It’s easier for me to think of them than it is myself ….maybe they mean more. Maybe I know I’m a pain in the hiney and my pain in the hiney tendencies I will handle, but theirs? N-O different story…

There is never a reason not to become better and make changes. Excuses are simply that. It doesn’t matter how we were raised, what we face today, changes can ALWAYS be made whether they are long term or just to survive in that moment. Yes it takes TIME and DETERMINATION for things to change or habits to break, as long as you’re working on yourself and all your isms…I have some respect. If you are those 85% that are only going to annoy the heck out of me and get in my way, MOVE or go do something productive with yourself!!

Be kind this Wednesday! 🙂

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