Today I’m scrambling around making sure my I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed!

The husband and I are heading to South Carolina for a much needed just US trip. I WILL take pictures and I WILL do my very best to take the time to make a blog for the day. Have to skip on the usual, I will be blogging about history, culture, some restaurants, and the journey of our travel itself.

Making sure the house is clean, bills are paid, and the girls are all set to have their own adventure with their grandmother. I’m too excited…literally like a kid at the Chocolate Factory.

On a side note….the 30 day Squat Challenge?!? SO, I’m not feeling it yet however, it literally feels like it takes 20 minutes to just do 50 squats!  I can’t imagine how it will feel to get worked up to 250! If you’re doing that squat challenge make sure you’re really DOING it, don’t just bob up and down. Squat down and focus on tightening those glutes on the way up! It’s amazing the different kind of workout you can get if you focus on the area.

I’ll keep you posted blogging friends. 🙂 Have a very Happy Friday!

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