Saturday Sonnet


Come close my dear while I hold your heart

Take a minute to make your world your art

Breathe deep and simple, but take me all in

I am Picasso you are my muse

Fall away to another place

Where the time and people don’t allow mistakes

Where all is lost but nothing is gone

A time where nothing is wrong

Follow me down the road less traveled while we tell our stories to the traveling man

Take my hand to a place of glory, where only you see the promise of land.

Walk strong steps with me we as we go, there may be some loose footing along this road

Take note of something a little off, be the one who notices

Smile so bright it hurts my eyes

Make sure people see and recognize truth in their mind

Be strong dear one and walk away, take notice of everyday, breathe in soft, simple and sweet. Be all with little keeping you awake, let you be your own master of fate.

I may be a poet and you didn’t know it….a little something I thought I’d share.Rebecca-

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