What I’ve learned being in an airport ALL day

Literally we got up at 4am and boarded the plane at 6am. Don’t wear pants that may bag- mine already have.  We have stopped in 2 airports and are finally on our last leg. When you have two, 3 hour layovers don’t eat where the food is pre made and left out- you’re starving but it will be disgusting, use your time and eat at a restaurant. DO take an awesome book and DO spend the money on Toblerone chocolate-however, beware I was told by my sweet husband that I was making inappropriate noises while eating this… Gee… Who knew? 

We have um, enjoyed our ENTIRE day in the airport-  who doesn’t love to people watch? However, we will be oh so glad to reach our destination! On a side note – what a killing these airports must make since you cant have food/drink with you anymore, I know 50 bones disappeared from us in a hurry! Yeash!

Be ready for some history mañana! 










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