So far in Charleston

When I’m back at home and settled in with a computer and not my phone I’ll update with pictures, experience and history. 

I can’t even begin to explain the charm, history, hospitality, and pure beauty of this wonderful city. The people are so incredibly nice and helpful that they completely blow Texans out of the park. It’s been one of my favorite trips yet.

To think my feet have walked on the very spot that soldiers fought, women from the 1700s strolled, or where slaves passed by is an enormous honor and something  that most don’t even consider. How fortunate we are to have what we have today. It brings tears to my eyes to see homes built with such grander and care- oh to have that back. Small dishes and serving plates, an area strictly for tea and conversation, where men weren’t allowed. 

This charming, friendly, breathtaking city is a must see. Come visit this beautiful piece of history. 

We are off  to a Riversogs game after a day of history. Promise to update at a later time, right now I’m soaking every bit of history in at this “Holy City” (up to 168 churches, at least one on every corner as they say here)

Remember your history the history today and 200 years ago. What made us, how we’ve grown in good and bad ways, our roots our declaration of indepence and the women and men that transformed the very future that we live today. For each thought/action has a path that gets created.

🙂 feel blessed no matter






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