Wild at heart

As I sit in the Charleston airport (perfect-easy size), I sulk a little. My husband has been anxious to get home from the moment we got here, and me? I’m dragging my feet to get back. I miss my girls deeply and look forward to their chubby arms wrapping tight around my neck in fact I may yearn for it. BUT I’ve enjoyed every bit of my vacation- which I will touch much more on when I have access to a computer.

II have learned I’m still so wild at heart, a gypsy soul, or as a kindred spirit told me an atomist. Whichever it may be its almost like a Jekyll/Hyde complex. I am a perfect 50s housewife but I am also a free spirit which most don’t consider about me because I’m so OC or manage business and finances so well.

As my husband says if it weren’t for him and the girls who knows how many random jobs I’d have or where I’d be. He is still amazed that when we met and I was Australia bound that I stopped gave him a shot. Must be my 50s housewife side because when I love it’s all the way and so loyal you should never have a doubt.

My free spirit side aches today because I’ll miss the ocean smell and breeze wrapping itself around me, dolphins sunbathing, eating my way through Charleston, the kind people and the clean city. However, I’m glad I got to feel that wild at heart side that I love so much.

Honor all the sides of yourself that you may have- they make you. Whether they are different, hard, or disagreed with people. Lord knows mine usually are. Thank you Charleston and all the kind beautiful people in it. What an awesome City you live in.







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