Charleston, South Carolina–RESTORATION ON KING


I can finally get to our trip! What an awesome experience, journey, sights, culture, food, and people. I fell deeply in love, it’s true. It was really love at first sight. I felt wonderful there and at home. I can chalk it up to the whole experience, everything we did, where we visited and even where we stayed.

Where we stayed….gee where to begin. The Restoration on King was remodeled a few years ago, I was told it was an old condo and I was also told it was an old house. Either way, the newly remodeled puts the “high” in class. It was wonderfully operated with great concern for their guests. Whatever you needed the front desk did everything to accommodate, from renting bikes to calling for a cab-just let them know. We received our fresh made breakfast in beautiful baskets right at our door. At each night, our beds were turned down, a lamp on welcoming our arrival, with chocolate (uh huh), chocolate almonds by our pillows.

The hotel “rooms” were the size of a one bedroom apartment. We had our own living area, kitchen/eating area, and the bedroom and bathroom. Have I mentioned it was wonderful?

Decorated artsy yet classy just the way I like. It had all the amenities we could ask for and everything provided to make sure you had mostly what you would at home. There was a wine and cheese social around 2 with cookies and milk to follow later in the evening.

There was an eating/gathering area up on the roof with a wonderful view. Access to a fitness facility just right down the road. This I appreciated but I was more than willing to just run around the city, because let’s face it I can stare at a wall on a treadmill at home! The fitness gym provided however was an excellent amenity.

This hotel is located downtown a perfect location for sight seeing, restaurants, the shore, and historical houses. I can’t give this hotel enough stars!

Enjoy your Monday! 🙂

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