More On Charleston

IMG_1256More On Charleston

These pictures are of various homes that I just fell in love with and also some with History involved. The first house was one of the Judges home and still remains through the family. What an expense for these families to maintain and meet the upkeep for these gorgeous houses. Think about it, homes from 300+ years ago that have undergone construction with the ages. Most houses get a reward when they have been renovated, this reward offers them a pretty hefty tax break. Some of these houses however have 100K in property taxes a year alone! YIPES!

Then you have the Heyward-Washington house. Famous for George Washington staying a week, but also Heyward was one of the men that signed the Declaration of Independence. I learned all sorts of little tid-bits. The term sleep tight? That came from when they would cross ropes forming an X on the bedposts to hold the mattresses up since box springs and boards weren’t thought of yet. They obviously sagged down from the weight and the maid/servant would come in and tie the rope tighter on the bed post–hence “sleep tight”.

In these houses they also ate a fair breakfast, and then a true dinner feast at around 2. This meal would usually last 3 hours. ARE YOU KIDDING? MOST people have scarfed down there food and hardly grunted within 10 minutes. This of course was their time to discuss their day, all the gossip, politics and or everything else that was happening. I don’t know about lasting 3 hours but a nice long meal with plenty of conversation sounds pretty good.

Then another gorgeous home that is now the Two Meeting Inn. This house was a gift from a father to his daughter who was going to marry. On her wedding day he left her a note that basically said I love you and here, you may build a house for 70K. Amazing what that got her. Then of course, the grooms parents were a little upset by this and countered with sending the newlyweds on a two year honeymoon and having the freedom to purchase their furniture from wherever they please and have it sent to the house. Not a bad deal eh?

Another home…The Calhoun Mansion. Currently occupied by what I would say an ecliptic man. He moved in with 7 trailers of “stuff” and it will take him about 9-10 trailers they say for him to move out. His collection was mainly on the Oriental side but there was definetly other things. If you’re a minimalist like me, it was called the “Oh my God” house, which even the tour guide referred to. A LOT of stuff. Interesting little history however, built by a very prominent-wealthy man who everyone despised because apparently his people skills weren’t as successful as his business skills. The original tile in the forum from 1853 is still in place and beautiful. The home was in 3 movies…Scarlet and the one and only Notebook. I forget the other because when he said the Notebook my head automatically went to Ryan Gosling. Anyway, it’s the Calhoun Mansion that they run up the stairs etc. when going into her house. Trust me, the only thing showing in the movie were the rugs and chandelier…. Anyway, back to old stuff. So, the family had to move out…I forget why and then it was taken over by the Navy, who basically tore it up. After that, some Hippies moved in and took over. Then finally, it was bought by the very different man with his very different antiques. All in all the house withstood, the Navy butchering it, and the hippies painting the walls orange. It’s a house to see just from the “Oh my God” effect. Plus, you help the owner get a tax break! 😉

There are oh so many gorgeous houses on the Battery and South Battery. These are the older, more expensive, and most to keep up with but BOY are they mouth watering. Most of the homes have a plague outside on their wall telling about the history of the home. Rainbow Row is nice and was built when the economy was rising again back in the day. Charleston was a very wealthy City at the time and I would say still is.

Hope y’all are enjoying a little bit of History this week! 🙂
Be Kind

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