Churches on Every Corner


Coming to end of sharing Charleston. If you haven’t felt the idea of how wonderful, charming, awesome, and beautiful this little City is…well, shoot. Go see for yourself! 🙂

Charleston is also known as the “Holy City” because there are churches on almost every corner. There was and still is much reverence for the churches. One of the main churches was tilted a little after an Earthquake in 1896. The law requires and still does that nothing be built over the steeple. The skyline was to remained to be seen so that these churches could be.
I never knew when most Churches have the graveyards, that the ones built on one side of the street are for the people that lived in Charleston. The other side were for the ones that did not. Interesting, I would guess this applies in most City’s?

The white Church is the Church that George Washington and Polk attended often. They have it down to which pew.

All of these Churches lined throughout Downtown and even the ones I saw on the outskirts are SOO beautiful and charming.

Beautiful and Charming….those will be my final worlds to

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