“As a matter of…

“As a matter of fact, I rather feel
like expressing myself now.”
― Audrey Hepburn

OH Audrey, everyone who know me knows that I absolutely adore Audrey. Her style and poise alone is a lesson everyone should take note of, but her outlook on life and the way she tried to live it to her very own, very high standards. With that…I have much appreciation.

I am a different duck, but the older that I become and the more life experience that I tuck away in my growing pockets I’m believing that ‘just right’. I’m not sure if maybe Audrey herself is hibernating somewhere in my body or who the 90 year old woman is shaking her head about “kids these days or where the world is going”. I also don’t worry about it anymore. Life will continue on and it will make the changes that people want it to make. I’m almost no longer surprised by the obscurity of people and what they deem as “reality”.

As I’ve said in numerous blogs and probably will continue saying as long as I continue to write. I will do ME, today, the VERY BEST I can. I will NOT look to others for validation or look to others for what may be “normal”; I have without a doubt decided I want to be ANYTHING BUT NORMAL.

My heart will stay open, I will makes changes, I will be kind and I will be direct. I will live my life knowing that I’m the only one that matters (those I hold very dear) at the end of the day. I will express myself in all ways, whether it’s if I want to wear lipstick, fix my hair, wear earrings with workout clothes, sing, dance, paint, model, read a book, walk, tickling my children until nothing but sweet bubbles of laughter fill the air…..I’ll express myself always and right now.

I hope you do the same. I hope you express yourself in a way that YOU can be proud of when you fall asleep, I hope you express yourself so that you feel the joy and beauty of this world rather than the sadness and fear. Fear is the only thing that stops people from moving forward. Feel courageous today and express it.

Let your light shine through….

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