As to the squat challenge. Let me just say I’m almost on the fence about squats, I can bad mouth them say they are awful for your knees and there are easier ways to get results. As I’ve said before, it’s the short muscle that we are needing to work. AND there are different ways to work it to achieve a nice toosh! However, squats are great and I could personally see the difference within a few days of this challenge, I wasn’t sore but that’s because I’m in good shape and do other things pretty constant. The side of the legs where this mainly is a problem for women, especially after children…”the bags”. It’s up at the top of the hip but a little lower basically to the side of the butt. Squats are great for that area. AGAIN, you can do side leg lifts also to help this, but I do have to say that squats are very affective.

Downside again, very hard on your knees. In this particular squat challenge, I just don’t see any reason to go over 200+ squats. I really think you can do 30 a day and get the same outcome and it probably wouldn’t be such a big deal on the knees.

Think about this if you already have knee problems or if you are overweight. I’m not trying to stop you by any means from achieving what you want or from making your challenge. Just keep in mind the whole picture and then see what works best for you. I would recommend over anything if you are just starting, that you go for walks at a brisk pace, (trims down hips and bag area and does help toosh some) get on the treadmill at a very high incline and walk briskly (GREAT for toosh), or you can do leg lifts behind you…making sure you squeeze your butt.

It’s funny but sometimes when we get into our workout it becomes mechanical. You have to focus on the area that you are working out, even if it’s the toosh. Remember what your are trying to achieve and focus on that area. It will make all the difference in the world. It’s just like with all things we do, if we lose a little focus we can forget what we are doing or even zone out and do a half ass job.

Whether the squats was your challenge or you’re working on something else right now…I hope you continue on with SOMETHING. Eat right (a good balance), have quiet time for yourself, and take care of your body. Let it be your intentions this week that you will do everything you can to make the very best decisions in all ways!

Enjoy your week and be kind! 🙂

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