TASTY—Bag of Chicken

Chicken to me can be so incredibly boring…it’s one that I try to switch up a bit without adding too much extra fats/calories. This recipe is too easy as most of mine seem to be (I think) and you can also throw in your own spice or what have you to mix it up.

I use the bag that my vegetables get placed in when I buy them at the market. In that bag you are going to put all the ingredients below minus the honey and just grab both ends and shake it up well so that the chicken gets covered. CUT CHICKEN INTO STRIPS.


Tablespoon or more of coconut oil, 3-4 Chicken breasts, 1/4 cup wheat flour, teaspoon salt or season salt, and honey.

** WHEN it’s not prepared for  my girls, I LOVE to add red chile pepper flakes.

Cut your chicken into strips.Place your coconut oil in the skillet and let it melt and get hot, after you’ve shaken your chicken and it’s had a time for ingredients to cover lay it in the pan and cook. When it’s not so raw, drizzle honey over all the chicken. Continue cooking and then turn over and let the chicken finish.

Drizzling the honey like this doesn’t amount to hardly anything and it gives the chicken great flavor while bringing out the other spices. For me, it just helps mix it up and give what can be very simple/dry a little more punch!

No pictures 😦 but it bronzes the chicken nicely.

Happy Tuesday….give this fast and easy chicken a try!

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