I’ve got to tell you. Out of all the amazing inventions, concotions, technology etc….I’m in LOVE with paint. Best. thing. EVER. Spray paint, regular paint the whole bit. The sky is the limit for the creations at your fingertips!
Another big thing, paint actually smells good now? Okay, maybe not good but it’s odor isn’t so strong and it dries so fast that my old method of distressing, didn’t work (towel and drying off).

As I will show you all the many many pictures of our incredibly OLD furniture, it’s a complete and if I-may-say-so-myself, wonderful turnout! Our furniture was my grandparents, the mirror on top of the dresser looked like our clothes were being stored in a bar. I like the furniture but I was ready for change awhile ago. I guess I finally found the time, or got sick enough of looking at it? Not sure. ANYWAY

I painted the dresser yellow with 2 coats of flat paint. And then I went over it with white. I used sandpaper to distress the edges and other parts that I wanted. In some I would go over with paint here and there just to give it a look I wanted. I’m using my old knobs I’m just going to SPRAYPAINT them a grey/black. Spray painting your old knobs if you’re sick of them can save you 10-30 bones alone! SPRAY PAINT my friends, just keep saying it because you need to meet and be besties.

Too easy and too fun, my husband hasn’t finished putting the mirror together but when he does, you’ll see the pics of that!
Go get some spray paint and have a good ol’ time….well unless you’ve got inner thug instincts and want to actually graffiti, yeah, don’t do that. šŸ˜‰

Happy Monday

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