All that is gol…


All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Hasn’t life proven to us over and over that life happens? That to those that look like they haven’t lifted a finger may have suffered more than we can imagine? That the most broken are the strongest of all, that the most kind and intelligent are fighting the line of crazy. People as it’s proven make up this world, inhabit it, create paths for it’s own destination and theirs, and it’s made up of so many. The most beautiful woman may feel the ugliest, the heaviest woman may feel the sexiest, the most confident man may have his dragons battling within, the weakest may be the winner. Don’t forget. I’m always on here trying to get everyone to remember who THEY are and WHERE THEY are going. I’m trying to remind us to be KIND to one another because we each have a story, past, or future that nobody may know about. As I’ve said repeatedly life happens and it often burns us all.

I wonder if someone that has enough “light” can you see it? Those who travel telling wisdom can you hear it? Those who only whisper the truth will you believe? This may or may not matter and these may be random late night-long tiring day thoughts I’m having. Do what’s best for YOU, make YOUR happiness because ultimately that’s all that will matter.

In the same breath I’m not telling those people that have it hard/easy to go on and on about it. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for OUR lives, PERIOD. You can’t point fingers at the end of it all, you won’t be able to rat someone out or put the blame on anyone. It’s our OWN personal choice how we live and treat people.

I’m rambling….this tends to happen, be thankful you aren’t sitting in front of me at the moment because I seem to be heading towards a rant. But think… of who you are and what you want for yourself….I’m not only the #1 believer that we create our worlds but I’m pretty sure I can be the #1 example of it as well. AND I have to admit that EVERYONE has mostly thought I was lost because I have such a gypsy spirit, but I’m gold baby….pure gold ;). How bout you?! I’m thankful for life and it’s lessons, my journey and the possibility of where it can lead….How bout you?!

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