Memorial Monday–Support the troops

As my grandfather was a soldier, brothers and some friends I often wonder how they must feel today. Do they relive it? Do they feel honored and proud or do they just try to forget it all?

I personally have so much respect for these men and women I could cry at the drop of a hat. Not just because of what they do for our country, what they sacrifice for a NOTHING amount of money, but what they experience and endure that civilians will never comprehend. 

I wonder how they feel, now that our media is more advanced and invasive. Do they feel honored that we get to see what happened. Me personally? I would feel pissed off. People, practically strangers getting a piece of what happened, commenting, reposting, sharing on how the interpret it but have NO CLUE what it took to survive or to even make it happen. Because I know just from life experience that people may feel something but they aren’t capable of true compassion or understanding until they go through it themselves. Of course, when they expeirence it themselves it’s a whole new ball game.

Take today this weekend not for the BBQ’s or having a reason to get drunk but for what it is. These people put their lives in harms way everyday and even though it may be their choice they do more than what most are capable of just when their coffee isn’t the way they want it. Before you want to comment or share a picture of these heroes, think about what you’re doing and what you are representing. I am never more embarrassed or ashamed than when someone makes a dumbass comment or tries to pretend that they may have a clue what these people go through. 

My own personal sincere thank you to all of you brave heroes. Thank you for having the courage to live the day, thank you for trying to be better than average, and thank you for the sacrifices. To my own grandfather, brother and friends….thank you.

And….if there are old veterans out there or soldiers now….Do you like your pictures shown? Honored or annoyed? Just curious. 


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