Tasty Tuesday–Cauliflower Rice

Yep, you read it right….rice that’s only cauliflower. Perfect for people that can’t eat gluten or are trying to avoid carbs. Now…don’t go in expecting for it to have the same rice texture, but it really is pretty darn yummy! I enjoy it and it’s also filling.

SO, take a head of cauliflower. Cut off the ends just like you would if you’re going to cook it normally. Go ahead and place it in a food processor, not all of it because you want to have room for the cauliflower to get pulverized. Also, try not to pulverize until it’s too blended or cream-ish.

Take some of your “rice” and place in a pan that already has oil that’s heated. Cook on low for a little bit and stir occasionally. I think putting a lid over it helps get a different texture, but I’ve cooked with and without you’ll just have to try whichever you prefer. I add a little salt and pepper when I cook it. I do think it’d be good with some spice, maybe paprika or touch of cayenne to bring a little heat but I usually feed it to the kiddos as well so I haven’t yet. Someone give it a shot and let me know! Or any other version….

There’s. Recipe for cauliflower tortillas (like mini corn tortillas) I’ll let you know!

Enjoy your Tuesday and be kind! 🙂

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