All that is gol…


All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Hasn’t life proven to us over and over that life happens? That to those that look like they haven’t lifted a finger may have suffered more than we can imagine? That the most broken are the strongest of all, that the most kind and intelligent are fighting the line of crazy. People as it’s proven make up this world, inhabit it, create paths for it’s own destination and theirs, and it’s made up of so many. The most beautiful woman may feel the ugliest, the heaviest woman may feel the sexiest, the most confident man may have his dragons battling within, the weakest may be the winner. Don’t forget. I’m always on here trying to get everyone to remember who THEY are and WHERE THEY are going. I’m trying to remind us to be KIND to one another because we each have a story, past, or future that nobody may know about. As I’ve said repeatedly life happens and it often burns us all.

I wonder if someone that has enough “light” can you see it? Those who travel telling wisdom can you hear it? Those who only whisper the truth will you believe? This may or may not matter and these may be random late night-long tiring day thoughts I’m having. Do what’s best for YOU, make YOUR happiness because ultimately that’s all that will matter.

In the same breath I’m not telling those people that have it hard/easy to go on and on about it. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for OUR lives, PERIOD. You can’t point fingers at the end of it all, you won’t be able to rat someone out or put the blame on anyone. It’s our OWN personal choice how we live and treat people.

I’m rambling….this tends to happen, be thankful you aren’t sitting in front of me at the moment because I seem to be heading towards a rant. But think… of who you are and what you want for yourself….I’m not only the #1 believer that we create our worlds but I’m pretty sure I can be the #1 example of it as well. AND I have to admit that EVERYONE has mostly thought I was lost because I have such a gypsy spirit, but I’m gold baby….pure gold ;). How bout you?! I’m thankful for life and it’s lessons, my journey and the possibility of where it can lead….How bout you?!


This would be another creative/yummy way to do chicken. Another “mommas” recipe but what can I say? She’s a creative little thang. 🙂

Shelled pistachios, chicken breasts, green chile, asiago cheese.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees these bad boys get baked!

Start with your pistachios, take about 1/2 cup and put them in a food processor. Pulverize them just a touch, not to where it’s powder but to where you’ve got crumbs. Set that aside. Each chicken breast makes a serving for 2. So, grab your chicken and cut them in half. On your half chicken, lay green chile  with a slice or a few chunks of Asiago cheese (depending on how cheesy you want), then roll up the chicken with chile and cheese inside and toothpick it together. Then take your rolled up chicken and roll it around in your pistachios until the breast is nicely covered.

After that, pop them in the oven for about 35-40 minutes. Enjoy these, they’re a nice change from chicken and oh so tasty!

Have a great Tuesday and be kind! 🙂





I’ve got to tell you. Out of all the amazing inventions, concotions, technology etc….I’m in LOVE with paint. Best. thing. EVER. Spray paint, regular paint the whole bit. The sky is the limit for the creations at your fingertips!
Another big thing, paint actually smells good now? Okay, maybe not good but it’s odor isn’t so strong and it dries so fast that my old method of distressing, didn’t work (towel and drying off).

As I will show you all the many many pictures of our incredibly OLD furniture, it’s a complete and if I-may-say-so-myself, wonderful turnout! Our furniture was my grandparents, the mirror on top of the dresser looked like our clothes were being stored in a bar. I like the furniture but I was ready for change awhile ago. I guess I finally found the time, or got sick enough of looking at it? Not sure. ANYWAY

I painted the dresser yellow with 2 coats of flat paint. And then I went over it with white. I used sandpaper to distress the edges and other parts that I wanted. In some I would go over with paint here and there just to give it a look I wanted. I’m using my old knobs I’m just going to SPRAYPAINT them a grey/black. Spray painting your old knobs if you’re sick of them can save you 10-30 bones alone! SPRAY PAINT my friends, just keep saying it because you need to meet and be besties.

Too easy and too fun, my husband hasn’t finished putting the mirror together but when he does, you’ll see the pics of that!
Go get some spray paint and have a good ol’ time….well unless you’ve got inner thug instincts and want to actually graffiti, yeah, don’t do that. 😉

Happy Monday



Since I won’t be writing Sunday, I thought I’d dedicate a blog just to the Mothers. First and foremost I guess I should thank my mom… ;). Who better be reading this!

To my Mother: Thank you for being the strong hand and heart and the person whose always been such a strong influence and role model. I know you have cried tears of joy, anger, worry, despair, and pride on my behalf and I’m sorry and also glad some could be happy tears. As you always told me I would never understand the feelings of a mother until I became one. To you- my kind, beautiful, strong and elegant mother you have my upmost respect and heart. I am so thankful and honored that I am your daughter, that I’ve had the privilege of sharing stories and laughter with you most of the years. I was never afraid to go to you about anything and you have become my very best friend. I look back now and see exactly what you were doing when I would be ranting and you would just comment on how beautiful the mountains were, when you would pull the car over the side of the road and make us get out and dance, and when you were discouraged for me you never let it show. It took much courage to raise me and I don’t even know if I’ve put that lightly. You were able to let me go when I’m sure more than anything you wanted to tie me up and toss me in the basement. You’ve watched as I’ve made numerous “not so great” decisions and you’ve never berated me for that or made me feel like I was less of a person in that moment. You’ve only encouraged my strong will, beauty from within, kindness and determination that I carry….you’ve never made it seem like a bad thing even when I was convinced it was. All my faults you’ve tamed and all my gifts you only made them appear brighter and guided me on how to use them. You often tell me how amazed you are of where I am with myself and in my life for my age and I have to tell you that I didn’t do this on my own. I thank you from the very depth of my being. I look forward to sitting on the porch with you when you’re 90 and I’m 60 having a glass of tea, watching the sun, listening to our wisdom then pass, and us appreciating the beauty of the world.

My life changed when I saw the positive on the pregnancy test. I had always felt a little like something was missing….after the birth of my two daughters I have to say I feel complete. They were both the best birthday gifts I could’ve asked for (found out preg. with both at that time). I understood within the first trimester what the heck REAL worry was all about. It was terrifying and still terrifies now. When I went in at 33 weeks because I felt strange with my first daughter-who was ready to be born I certainly couldn’t comprehend even then what it would do to me. I still remember almost every detail about that day….the nurse came to finally check me before they were to send me home, she paused looked at me and said “you’re going to have this baby in 30 minutes.” Uh, excuse me? Well, an emergency C-section and probably 30 minutes later I still had no clue the love and strength that I already held for my daughter. I didn’t get to hold her right away, it was not an ideal first child situation….but it was WONDERFUL. I saw her and welcomed her to the world, telling her that her journey had only just begun. A tiger of a mother tore through me and I proved in the 3 weeks in the hospital that I would kill you for my child and her needs. I went from being a tad unsure of how to deal with people or anyone to someone that has no doubts now. The world could have ended the moment I first held her and our eyes locked and I wouldn’t have noticed. She became my heart. She was a wonderful growing tool for me and still is. She helps me try to relax because she’s sadly so much like her mother and gets a little excited about the “little stuff”.

My second daughter came and I didn’t think there was room in my heart. Terrified and worried again. She was born and it was all easy breezy, we went home the next day (C-section and all). A heart that I was concerned wouldn’t have enough room she melted and only reconstructed larger. She helps me laugh at the “little things” with her and has helped me learn to loosen up and enjoy the ride.

They both are the light of my eyes, my heart and soul. I have NEVER entered a more challenging role than I have when I became a mother. I’m so very thankful and blessed with my beautiful, loving, kind and very precocious/special girls. Even though this is the most challenging role…I’ve never been one to back down, I only try to figure out how to become better and I’m hoping that will happen with time and patience.

Tears are rolling down in gratitude alone that I can be one of the most influential and important person to my daughters. To all you Mothers….it’s hard at times, glorious at times, funny at times, best/worst of times. Just keep hanging on for the ride and enjoy!

Happy Mothers Day!



I had a somewhat of request to write about my opinion on friendship….well, now even though I think I make one of the best of friends 😉 I don’t know if I’m the best to give my opinion. As most know, I do have high expectations, whether they be of myself or of others and what I expect from them….well, those expectations are there. I don’t apologize for this and in fact the older I get the more sense it makes to me. I was always that little girl who flipped her pony tail behind her as I said, “Get over it”. That little girl still dominates; I don’t think it’s bad to want and expect only the best of things….as I’ve said.

Friendship to me can be just as beautiful as the sun rising over the hilltops spreading itself on the field. As precious as a baby’s hand in yours. As lovely as sweet love and as wonderful as something tasty on the tongue. I appreciate the friendships that are real, sincere, meaningful and fun. What I want most in a friendship is a place where I can strictly let all the parts of me fall, where I laugh until my abs hurt, where we can just look at each other and we understand what’s going on. I appreciate friendships where it’s equal. Everyone has their stuff, their times they just want to vent. I appreciate the friend that will listen, the friend that will tell me to shut up or get over it, the friend that will know whether to say anything at all. These friends of mine are rare, as so many are and are the most cherished.

Now, I know MANY of people and I’m sure this is someone’s story reading this, where they are only friends with someone because they don’t want to be lonely or afraid what people may think. They’re only friends because they have been since grade school but there isn’t a connection anymore. They’re friends with someone that uses them….they use them to carry the load of the burdens, to unload their burdens, and to make them part of the burden. This is where I cut out. I could have been friends with someone for yeeeears, and the MOMENT, the very SECOND that I realize they no longer know me, or we no longer fit into each others lives appropriately or they are users, I say goodbye and I don’t look back.

I’ve had friends that didn’t agree with what I did (can’t say I blame them, I did very careless things at some points) would blast me for it and bad mouth me to others….those friends are gone that’s not a friendship. I’ve had friends that blasted me and I would explain to them that it happens etc., and years later they’re finding themselves in the SAME situations. This happens.

Life happens, nobody leaves unscathed, the fire burns and I believe everyone will get burned at some points in life. This is the basics of friendship and it should be an understanding.

If you ever feel that you are trying to “save”, “help” your friend or fight their battles STOP and ask yourself why you’re doing it. If you ever think that you’re better than your friend STOP and ask yourself why. I get all these reasons, I’ve been there myself, but friendships are equal. As I’ve matured I’ve learned that the very sacred friendship is being able to be around each other and share the joy of being women or men together. The strengths of BOTH people coming out and creating an amazing bond. When there is weakness hopefully your friend is right there holding your hand and helping you through, or smacking you upside the head telling you to come out of it.

Being a real friend is having courage to tell that person what they don’t want to hear and you knowing them well enough to know how it’s going to be best received. Friendship is knowing that you can help someone out and it will be reciprocated without thought.

Friendship is rare…..I’m learning that ALL those old sayings are so incredibly true. So, for as rare as friendships are hard to come by, don’t SETTLE for the ones that only hurt you, use/manipulate you, or only gain from being just YOUR friend.

Tell your true friends hi today-let them know you care. For my friends reading this….thanks 🙂

TASTY—Bag of Chicken

Chicken to me can be so incredibly boring…it’s one that I try to switch up a bit without adding too much extra fats/calories. This recipe is too easy as most of mine seem to be (I think) and you can also throw in your own spice or what have you to mix it up.

I use the bag that my vegetables get placed in when I buy them at the market. In that bag you are going to put all the ingredients below minus the honey and just grab both ends and shake it up well so that the chicken gets covered. CUT CHICKEN INTO STRIPS.


Tablespoon or more of coconut oil, 3-4 Chicken breasts, 1/4 cup wheat flour, teaspoon salt or season salt, and honey.

** WHEN it’s not prepared for  my girls, I LOVE to add red chile pepper flakes.

Cut your chicken into strips.Place your coconut oil in the skillet and let it melt and get hot, after you’ve shaken your chicken and it’s had a time for ingredients to cover lay it in the pan and cook. When it’s not so raw, drizzle honey over all the chicken. Continue cooking and then turn over and let the chicken finish.

Drizzling the honey like this doesn’t amount to hardly anything and it gives the chicken great flavor while bringing out the other spices. For me, it just helps mix it up and give what can be very simple/dry a little more punch!

No pictures 😦 but it bronzes the chicken nicely.

Happy Tuesday….give this fast and easy chicken a try!


As to the squat challenge. Let me just say I’m almost on the fence about squats, I can bad mouth them say they are awful for your knees and there are easier ways to get results. As I’ve said before, it’s the short muscle that we are needing to work. AND there are different ways to work it to achieve a nice toosh! However, squats are great and I could personally see the difference within a few days of this challenge, I wasn’t sore but that’s because I’m in good shape and do other things pretty constant. The side of the legs where this mainly is a problem for women, especially after children…”the bags”. It’s up at the top of the hip but a little lower basically to the side of the butt. Squats are great for that area. AGAIN, you can do side leg lifts also to help this, but I do have to say that squats are very affective.

Downside again, very hard on your knees. In this particular squat challenge, I just don’t see any reason to go over 200+ squats. I really think you can do 30 a day and get the same outcome and it probably wouldn’t be such a big deal on the knees.

Think about this if you already have knee problems or if you are overweight. I’m not trying to stop you by any means from achieving what you want or from making your challenge. Just keep in mind the whole picture and then see what works best for you. I would recommend over anything if you are just starting, that you go for walks at a brisk pace, (trims down hips and bag area and does help toosh some) get on the treadmill at a very high incline and walk briskly (GREAT for toosh), or you can do leg lifts behind you…making sure you squeeze your butt.

It’s funny but sometimes when we get into our workout it becomes mechanical. You have to focus on the area that you are working out, even if it’s the toosh. Remember what your are trying to achieve and focus on that area. It will make all the difference in the world. It’s just like with all things we do, if we lose a little focus we can forget what we are doing or even zone out and do a half ass job.

Whether the squats was your challenge or you’re working on something else right now…I hope you continue on with SOMETHING. Eat right (a good balance), have quiet time for yourself, and take care of your body. Let it be your intentions this week that you will do everything you can to make the very best decisions in all ways!

Enjoy your week and be kind! 🙂