Wordy Wednesday—

Whew, so with the moving and stress and settling in….I have slacked on blogging. And I’m not promising for the blogs to continue like normal after today, but I’m working on getting back into the routine. They probably will just be words or poems that I snag from others but that I enjoy, because I either don’t want to write the words myself as of late or not sure what I want to say when I do.  Here’s a little something:

We were standing in the rain

The sun would not shine through the dark ahead

The umbrella of lies didn’t protect the truth

As the rain kept pouring down

As I slipped away my hand so he could walk away, I saw a glimpse of what I already knew would happen anyway

When he left me crying in the rain, with acid water all around

I turned and left in my own direction and my soggy shoes found dry ground

The dark clouds began to part as I continued to walk my own way, the sun began to shine through all the gray….

Then only tears remained


Happy Wednesday—Be kind!

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