Care Bear–Thankful Thursday

Care Bear--Thankful Thursday

There’s nothing worse than writing a blog and then it’s gone when you go back to it! Happen to anyone else? SO, here’s the even shorter, even sweeter version.

I try to instill in my girls that we are unique, have our own light, and to be ourselves regardless of if anyone likes it or not. The best way I can always explain is saying do the “care bear stare”. Those care bears are amazing! Shine their light and defend enemies, make magic happen, and what not. Yep, I’m a care bear fan….apparently I too, was a care bear when I was a little girl.

The care bear stare hasn’t left me…when I was intimidated or something I would say to myself, “your care bear” it’s silly but everyone has something they say.

The other morning I was watching the news or something or maybe it was hormones and I cried some. My oldest told me, “what’s wrong mommy? Need to do the care bear stare?”. Alright well, that was adorable, and she was right. I had forgotten to let my light shine. I had become wrapped up in what was going on and I wasn’t feeling too great. It’s not hard to forget or to let all the crud of the world/life get us down.

Things can get you down, there’s nothing wrong with that, but make sure you use your care bear stare and let your light shine through. Remember what is most important to you. There are things far worse in others people lives than in mine…and I’m thankful for what I have. There’s ALWAYS something to be thankful for, find that and focus on that.

Have a thankful Thursday.

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