Motivational Monday–Courage to move forward

Motivational Monday--Courage to move forward

Sometimes it takes the greatest courage of all to become who you are meant to be….E.E Cummings

As I get older and I think that I have life figured out, I hear myself say, “sit back kid, you don’t have a clue.” Maybe I should print a shirt that says that? Even though I feel this way….I’ll continue to move forward but life has become one of the greatest mysteries to me. No matter how I react, live, and approach situations. I have learned that there may be a side step in a dance I didn’t expect. Shoots and ladders…wondering how I got here or how it happened.

Lately, I know that in all things I do weather it’s life, running, modeling, or being a mother….I have to let go of my old ideas and move forward. It’s hard, just like everyone we get comfortable and like the routine of life.

So take your workouts, relationships, yourself, anything that you aren’t quite “you” in…and make the change. Have the courage and faith to move forward and makes those changes….

Be kind today

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